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UXPin Solves Design Problems (And Cures Warts*)

* may not actually cure warts, please consult a doctor.

Not Everyone's A UX Design Expert - That's Where UXPin Comes In

People outside of design don't always know exactly what it is that UX designers do, and if you're making your first foray into UX design, then you may not either! That's okay, UXPin is built from the ground up on solid UX design principles and a collaborative methodology, offering you a full toolkit of good user design patterns and elements to build great designs in concert.

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The First Tool That Helps You Create Responsive Designs

For those of us who create websites it’s now obvious that the growing popularity of mobile devices means that we can no longer design the way we used to. UXPin will be able to help you in these new times! The responsive breakpoints allow you to create responsive prototypes and wireframes that will look great on all the different kinds of devices and resolutions. It's really easy!

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How To Get Buy-In Without Selling Out Your Concept

Getting clients and stakeholders to buy in based on just a wireframe is a tough proposition, which is why UXPin isn't just a wireframing app. Our in-depth, collaborative approach helps you tell the whole story behind your design using wireframes, prototypes, diagrams and personas.

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Work Together, Fail Alone: It's True In Proper UX Design Too!

The whole point of designing an interface, an app, a web site - whatever - is the user experience. That's why it's called User Experience Design (you know this, of course). In order to achieve the best possible UX Design, you need to collaborate with teammates, clients & stakeholders to exchange ideas, discuss solutions and examine the design from different perspectives. That's our bread and butter!

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In Today's Agile, Cloud-Based World of Jargon, There's No Time For Static Thinking

When you're working together with people in your office, at the client's office and across the globe, the old turn-based reality of yesteryear just won't cut it anymore. You need an iterative, collaborative, agile approach. That's why UXPin features version control, iterations and collaborative functionality that combine to help you design a great user experience - together.

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Get started in under 10 seconds with no credit card required!Try It Now For Free!

Unsurprisingly, Ugly Prototyping Tools Tend To Turn Out Ugly Designs

Some of the more popular wireframing tools are living on borrowed time, with user interfaces that should be banned by the Geneva Convention. If you're using a tool with an awful interface, then how can you expect to produce something beautiful and worthy of your talent? Let alone something worthy of showing to clients, investors and stakeholders...

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