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    Tomasz Iwaniak
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    This tip is brought to you by Kenny Dorman from Craneware.com

    (uploading Custom Fonts is limited to Enterprise users)


    Currently, only way in UXPin to include FontAwesome icons is by using the FontAwesome Library icons.

    However – with introduction of the UXPin upload custom font – you can upload the latest FontAwesome release *.woff file.

    Next > open new Browser Tab and navigate to http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/ and locate the icon you require, then select only the icon itself (*not* the unicode) and copy to clipboard.

    Next > return to UXPin wireframe/prototype tab you were working in and in a text block paste the clipboard into the text string – you will only see a square(!), but by now selecting the square and going to Properties > Typography > Character and clicking the fonts dropdown button and selecting your uploaded custom font eg. “LatestFontAwesome” (whatever you called it) the icon will now render successfully in UXPin as a piece of typography.


    Thanks Kenny for sharing this with us! <3

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    That’s a great idea, and ought to work with any icon font that exports as a .woff file including:

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