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    “How can I make an icon bar ‘sticky’?”

    — question during a webinar

    Some designs are longer than the available viewport. Users can scroll to see the rest — but sometimes we want part of the design to remain visible at all times. Such elements are said to be “sticky,” and they’re easy to create in UXPin. (Learn more terminology.)

    Go to general properties and give your canvas a limited size — say, an iPhone 5. Then select the item(s) you want to remain visible, whether it’s an element, a smart element, a group — whatever works. Turn on “fixed position” in General Properties.

    Voilá — elements that don’t move if the user scrolls outside of the viewport. You know you’ve got it right when a yellow pin icon appears in the upper left corner of the item with a fixed position.

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    Natasza Libich
    Natasza Libich
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    Yeees!! Thanks Ben! And if anyone would like to know more, here’s the “fixed position” tutorial: https://www.uxpin.com/community/tutorials/fixed-position/ 🙂

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