Projects and Prototypes

Once you log into UXPin, you will see a view which we call the Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you quick access to:

  • Projects – this is the place with all your prototypes and other documentation (personas, business model canvas, uploaded files) for easy management.
  • Projects groups – your projects are divided into groups so that you can browse through them easily and keep the Dashboard neat.

In the Dashboard you can also:

  • Search for projects — use the search bar at the top of the Dashboard.
  • Switch between projects quickly.
  • Sort projects by Name, Date created, or Date modified.
  • Manage access to projects for individual users.
  • Archive projects and change project groups


The Dashboard View in UXPin lets your control the way your prototypes will be listed when you open a project. Open any project and at the top of the screen you will see a View dropdown where you can choose from Big, Small, or List views.

To create a new project, hit the +New Project button in the top left corner of the Dashboard, name it and confirm with Create New Project. Once you create a project, UXPin will ask you if you want to create the first prototype from scratch or import your existing files, such as PNG, JPG, PDF, DOC, PPT, Sketch.


Use the list view for longer prototype names so that their names don't get cut off.

Managing Prototypes

To add a new prototype to an already existing project, click Create another prototype in the bottom left corner of the Project Dashboard. That's where you can also upload files from your computer or add UX Documents.

You can manage your prototypes directly from the Dashboard view. Hover over the three dots in the bottom right corner of the prototype thumbnail to see the options. That's where you can rename a prototype, move it to another project, duplicate it, and view its iterations. You can also rename a prototype by double-clicking on its name on the Dashboard.

In the Editor, you can quickly access and switch between your recently opened prototypes from the top left corner of the Top Bar. The dropdown shows up to 5 recent prototypes regardless of the project they are in.

Files and UX Documents

Below the Create another prototype button on the Dashboard, you can upload your Photoshop and Sketch designs as well as files in other formats, such as PNG, JPG, PDF, DOC, and PPT. You can also use ready UX Documents, such as Persona, Business Model Canvas, and Project Canvas.

Moving Projects between Accounts

If you need to move a Project between accounts, let us know about it in our in-app chat, and we will do it for you. Go to the Help menu in the editor and hit Chat with Us. Or, click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard and choose Chat with us. We will need the following details:

  1. The email address of the account that you want to transfer the project from.
  2. The email address of the account that you want to transfer the project to.
  3. The name of the project. Please note that we can only transfer entire projects, not single wireframes or pages.

Only Account Owners can make project transfer requests.