Export from Sketch to UXPin


We're currently working on our new Sketch import which is in its beta stage. If you would like to join, test it, and give us your feedback, please contact us at hello@uxpin.com.

If you want to bring your Sketch designs to UXPin you can easily do it with our Sketch plugin. Once imported, you’ll be able to turn them into interactive prototypes, share them to gather feedback or generate automatic specs.

All your layers will be imported as image files with the layer structure preserved.

Installing the plugin

To download the most recent version of the plugin, open the Integrations tab in the Account Settings. Next, click Get plugin button, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the regular installation process. Please note to use the .zip format.

You can also download the latest version here.

Importing Sketch files

To import your designs, open the Plugins menu in Sketch, choose UXPin from the list and select one of the options. If you are not logged to the UXPin account at the moment, you’ll be prompted to provide your login credentials first.

You can export only selected artboards or a whole design at once.

When you select one of the options, define to which UXPin project you want to export your design. Next step is to choose the exact prototype. You can select any of the existing ones within your account or create a new prototype — it’ll have the same name as the Sketch file.

There are 2 types of export available. Choose Flatten artboards but export specs for each layer option if you want to prototype using hotspots and transitions or if you want to share the design with the team so they can inspect layers. This export type is faster than the regular option.

If you want to animate the layers separately, don’t select the checkbox. The layers structure will be preserved, but the export may take a bit longer to finish.

Once you are ready, click Export design. When the export is finished, click Open in UXPin to open the project in UXPin.

If you have access to multiple UXPin accounts, you can choose where you want to export your files. It’s enough to choose Choose UXPin account from the dropdown in the plugin, select the proper account and confirm with Choose.

Updating Sketch imports

Every time you update some parts of your design in Sketch, you can sync these changes to UXPin — we’ll preserve all the previously created interactions and changes already made.

When you’re updating a prototype with interactions added to specific layers please make sure that the Flatten artboards checkbox is not checked.

To resync, you just need to export the design again. Please note to select the same prototype and the same export type that you’ve used before — the UXPin prototype will be automatically updated.

The previous version of the prototype will be saved as an iteration, so you’ll be able to preview, edit and restore it if needed.