Working on Windows

To integrate or manage the integration of your React Design System repository with UXPin Merge on Windows, you need to use Windows Subsystem for Linux (available for Windows 10). 

Windows Subsystem for Linux is a feature that allows installing Linux system shell in Windows. This shell (e.g. Ubuntu bash) lets you run Linux commands and CLI tools.

System requirements

Compatible version: Windows 10 build 16215 or later.

See how to verify Windows build number.

If your Windows 10 build is earlier than 16215 check for and install any updates.

Install Windows Subsystem for Linux

We recommend choosing Ubuntu 18 LTS Linux distribution. To go through this process, you need to restart your computer and have Administrator permissions.

  1. Follow the installation guide at
  2. WSL 1 is sufficient to complete the installation, therefore the steps for installing WSL 2 can be skipped.
  3. For the Linux distribution, we recommend Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

When the installation is complete install node and npm:

  1. Open powershell and enter bash
  2. Run sudo apt update
  3. Run sudo apt install nodejs
  4. Enter nodejs -v and confirm version is 8.10 or higher
  5. Run sudo apt install npm to install npm
  6. Enter npm -v, if the version is before 6.14.8 run sudo npm i -g npm@latest
  7. Enter npm -v, if version hasn’t changed enter hash -r
  8. Enter npm -v again and confirm that the version has changed

If the installed version of node is lower than the version required by merge-cli (currently 8.10), or if you already have node in an older version, please update node using the nvm tool:

  • To install nvm: $ curl -o- | bash
  • To install specific node version: $ nvm install v8.10

Detailed nvm documentation:

Cloning the repository

  1. Open powershell and enter bash.
  2. Navigate to the directory where you want your Design System repository to be placed. Your Windows filesystem is available in Ubuntu bash under the /mnt directory. For example, if you want to navigate to C:\Users\John\Sites, you should go to: $ cd /mnt/c/Users/John/Sites
  3. Clone your repository with git clone + https path. For example git clone
    Your Windows files are available and visible in Ubuntu bash. However, since they were created under the Windows filesystem, they may be incompatible with bash. If you try to use repository files already created in Windows, you may encounter error messages about incorrect line endings or not-resolvable paths. In this case, cloning your repository using bash is necessary.
  4. Now you should be able to work in Ubuntu bash in the same way as in a standard Linux environment. This means you can follow standard instructions such as Integrating Your Own Components and CLI Tool.