20 top experts and leaders from companies like Intuit, HP Enterprise, SAP, IBM, Groupon, Asana, and more.

Crossing the Culture Chasm: How Google and Nutanix Became Design-First Enterprises

  • Irene Au

    Design Partner at Khosla Ventures
  • Satish Ramachandran

    Head of Design at Nutanix

You'll learn:

  • How to influence executives and CEOs to drive design programs
  • How to champion design across teams and disciplines
  • How to build a successful enterprise design practice
  • Irene Au
    Irene AuDesign Partner at Khosla Ventures

    Irene Au is Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, where she works works with early-, mid-, and late-stage startup CEOs.

    Irene has unprecedented experience elevating the strategic importance of design within internet companies, having built and led the entire User Experience and Design teams at Google (2006-2012), Yahoo! (1998-2006), and Udacity (2012-2014). She began her career as an interaction designer at Netscape Communications, where she worked on the design of the internet’s first commercial web browser.

  • Satish Ramachandran
    Satish RamachandranHead of Design at Nutanix

    Satish Ramachandran is the Global head of design at Nutanix where he is dedicated to applying design to reimagine enterprise computing. In this role, he ensures the products being built serve the user’s intent, with very minimal, simple and delightful interactions. Additionally, he focuses on scaling the design organization across geos and implementing processes to keep pace with rapid growth.

Creating and Scaling Enterprise Design Systems

Brian McLaughlinVP of UX at Bottomline Technologies

You'll learn:

  • How to create a unified design language for a complex organization.
  • How to use the most efficient processes and tools for maintaining the design system.
  • How to scale code and interaction patterns across platforms and products.

Mission-Based Experience Strategy

Ben JudyDesign Manager at Saxony Partners

You'll learn:

  • How to create a clear UX strategy with teams across silos
  • How to resource and plan tactics based on UX strategy
  • How to track progress against your mission-based strategy
  • How to delegate UX missions to designers

Team Personas for Enterprise Contexts

  • Julia Byron

    UX Designer and Researcher at IBM
  • Omkar Chandgadkar

    UX Designer at IBM

You'll learn:

  • How to design better for complex users with team-based personas
  • How to differentiate and segment personas
  • How to create clear personas from user data
  • How to increase accuracy with collaborative persona mapping
  • Julia Zorzanello Byron
    Julia ByronUX Designer and Researcher at IBM

    Julia Z Byron is a Design, Technology and Innovation Fellow for the City of Austin.

    As a fellow, she is bringing the principles, values and practices of user-centered design to government.

    Previously she was at IBM Design where she practiced user research and UX design, and worked to establish user centered practices in the company culture.

    Julia has a degree in Industrial and Interaction design from Syracuse

  • Omkar Chandgadkar
    Omkar ChandgadkarUX Designer at IBM

    At IBM, he advises teams on research planning and workshop facilitation to make research insights communication more immersive and effective. Originally from Pune, India, Omkar has a background in Computer Engineering and Information Sciences and is an alumni of the University of Mumbai and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Beautiful Seams: Creating a Coherent Experience Across Products

Leslie WittVP of Experience Design at Intuit

You'll learn:

  • How to create a consistent design language across product lines
  • When and where to allow for exceptions to the design language
  • How to create the infrastructure to support coherent design

Designing a Sustainable Enterprise UX Process

Mark FigueiredoSr. UX Designer at T. Rowe Price

You'll learn:

  • How to select the right UX activities and plan resources appropriately.
  • How to evolve your process as you grow.
  • How to conduct proper discovery, transition from waterfall to Agile UX, and more.

Designing Meaningful Data Products

Chris RivardSr. Product Designer at Cloudability

You'll learn:

  • Interaction design best practices for data products
  • How to transform unstructured data to useful insights for users
  • How to adapt to upcoming trends in data products

Enterprise Usability: The Olive Garden Principle

Dylan WilbanksSenior UX Architect

You'll learn:

  • How to design satisfying enterprise products
  • Enterprise usability best practices based on case studies
  • How to grow beyond incremental product improvements

Seismic Change: Blowing Up Your Legacy System and Starting from Scratch

Andrew SandlerDirector of Product Design at Groupon Merchant

You'll learn:

  • When to rebuild a legacy system vs. work around your current system
  • How to prepare and roadmap for a legacy rebuild project
  • Step-by-step instructions for successfully rebuilding a legacy system

Practical Enterprise UX Research

Rian van der MerweProduct Manager at Wildbit

You'll learn:

  • How to get buy-in from executives and stakeholders for user research
  • How to choose lightweight yet effective research methods
  • How to document your results to prove ROI

Walk Not Run: Incrementally Improving Enterprise Products

Louis ElfmanLead Designer at Core Logic

You'll learn:

  • A realistic approach to product improvement in large enterprises
  • How to create and execute a pilot program for overcoming “product stagnation”
  • How to scale the program to a growth team dedicated to improving existing products

Managing Design Debt

Jack MoffettUX Manager at Inmedius

You'll learn:

  • How to identify and classify design debt
  • How to solve product quality issues in fast-paced teams.
  • How to address, avoid, and manage design debt.

The State of Enterprise Products: Q&A Session

  • Jeff Veen

    Design Partner at True Ventures
  • Lou Rosenfeld

    Co-founder of Rosenfeld Media
  • Marcin Treder

    CEO of UXPin
  • Sunita Reddy

    VP Product at UXPin

You'll learn:

  • The most pressing challenges faced by enterprise product teams today.
  • The emerging themes of enterprise design for 2017 and beyond. ​​​​​​​
  • Effective solutions for overcoming the hurdles of enterprise design.
  • Jeff Veen
    Jeff VeenDesign Partner at True Ventures

    As a Design Partner at True Ventures, Jeff helps companies create better products. Jeff advises companies like, Medium and WordPress.

  • Lou Rosenfeld
    Lou RosenfeldFounder of Rosenfeld Media

    Lou Rosenfeld consults on IA strategy, and manages Rosenfeld Media, which he founded to publish UX books and provide UX training and consulting.

  • Marcin Treder
    Marcin TrederCofounder and CEO of UXPin

    Since co-founding UXPin in 2010, he has helped build and lead product teams in the Poland and Silicon Valley office.

  • Sunita Reddy
    Sunita ReddyVP Product at UXPin

    As VP of Product at UXPin, Sunita leads the UX and product management teams.

    Her nearly 20 years of product and engineering experience includes VP Product roles at Accellion, TBD Networks, and developer roles at Oracle.

Surviving the Hype: An Experimental Model for Scaling Design Thinking

Rana ChakrabartiSenior UX Designer at SAP

You'll learn:

  • How to sustain design thinking beyond the workshop
  • How to use “design interventions” to create long-term impact in enterprises
  • Best practices for evangelizing enterprise UX based on SAP’s experiments

UXPin Demo: Collaborative Lo-fi Prototyping

Ben GremillionContent Designer at UXPin

You'll learn:

  • How to create rapid prototypes in UXPin within minutes
  • How to collaborate with stakeholders on UXPin prototypes
  • How to prototype responsively in UXPin

The Future of Enterprise UX

Amanda LindenHead of Design at Asana

You'll learn:

  • Techniques for designing enterprise UX base on new user expectations.
  • How to design a consumer-grade enterprise experience
  • Enterprise UX best practices based on case studies from Asana and Intuit

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