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Conditional Logic

A set of rules in interactions to decide whether a case should fire. This is mainly used when two or more cases exist on the same event.



Structures to store alphanumeric information. This information can then be used to be displayed or manipulated using actions, or moved between pages.


An improved version of dynamic panels where you can update any property in all states with just one click. Animations between states are automatically applied, with the option to customize and quickly preview them.

Collaborate directly in your
designs with anyone.

Invite anyone to comment directly on elements in your
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Collaboration features

  • Contextual Annotation

    Contextual annotation

    Place contextual notes around specific elements or components.

  • Collaboration


    It’s like the Google Docs for design. Prototype
    together at the same time.

  • Developer Handoff

    Developer handoff

    Easy handoff to developers with 100% accuracy for your specs and code snippets, even for your Sketch designs.

  • Exports

    Export to
    HTML and PDF

    Keep offline (non-editable) copies of your projects.

  • Jira Integration

    with Jira

    Connect projects and tasks in Jira to UXPin designs.

  • Slack Integration

    Connect to

    Get real-time updates on your design projects.

No more hours or days of
mocking up data.

Import external data sources (JSON, Google Sheets)
to fill your prototype within seconds.

Create Design Libraries and
Design Systems

Make your design process easier, faster and
more consistent.
Design Libraries
Store colors, text styles, assets and UI patterns and share them across different projects and teams.
Design Systems
Create and manage design systems to resolve inconsistencies across your products and platforms. Reduce design and engineering time.

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