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UXPin lets you import Photoshop files
so you can prototype all layers

How do you turn static designs into interactive prototypes?
If you're redrawing them from scratch or using a tool that flattens files, there's a smarter solution for you.

Your prototyping tool should let you do more than just “click” and “hover” interactions. And what about advanced animations?

That’s why we included a wide range of interactions to make your Photoshop designs come to life.

Use the panel on the right to see triggers, actions and animations presets available for prototyping in UXPin.

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Creating stunning prototypes
from Photoshop is only the beginning.

From the moment you import your files, we give you a set
of awesome tools for that next phase in your design process:

UXPin is a complete design platform. We let your team easily design, collaborate on, and present interactive wireframes and prototypes

Organise your prototypes with Layers

Organize your prototypes with Layers

Our Layers help you organize all elements on the canvas and give you a master view on all that's in there.

Once you've got it all in place, it's easier to regain control. Layers give you more power to work on multiple elements, see them in order from top to bottom and arrange as you wish.

Advanced Interactions and Animations

Advanced Interactions and Animations

A powerful tool for hi-fidelity designs and basically for any job where you want to show how things interact, behave and should feel to the user.

You can bring your canvas to life with a vast range of interactions and animations for outstanding results – without a line of code.

Styling Images on the Spot

Styling Images on the Spot

We give you an easy and stylish way to enrich prototypes with any photograph or graphic design you like.

Just pick a picture, drag&drop into the UXPin editor and make it look awesome with options like: brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, sharpness.



Amplify your message with the right typography. Create a style that stands out.

Over 100 fonts, inline editing, and all the important text styling options.

Beatiful Colors, Custom Gradients

Beautiful Colors, Custom Gradients

Every designer has a different way of choosing the right color to get the job done. So we packed in more beautiful ways for you to select a color than the standard color pickers you’ve been using for years.

And when you’ve found a color you love, just click the heart next to the color preview and we’ll save it forever.

Background Editor

Background Editor

In design, the background is as important as the foreground.

The Background Editor gives you all the options to fill the background with an awesome pattern - all in the same tool where you keep your prototype.

Responsive Design Ready

Responsive Design Ready

When your design is rotated or re-sized, see how it responds. Choose a standard break point or set your own to create new versions. Preview each version or visualize how the design responds when re-sized.

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Prototype with your PSD files

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