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Get Educated, Get Freebies, Get Designing in April and Beyond

Ben Gremillion
Ben Gremillion

No design system should live in a vacuum. Nor should design teams copy other people’s work outright.

When developing a visual language, brand guidelines, or pattern library, designers can seek inspiration both from their personal experiences and that of their peers. Luckily the web is full of inspiring ideas and free resources.

But finding them isn’t always as easy as a quick Google search. So here are 47 great resources, inspirational material, and instructional content to help you design faster and better while improving your digital product design workflow.



  • PatternTap: Inspiring examples of UI design, organized by type, color and style.
  • UI Patterns: The ideas behind design elements, supported with real-world examples.
  • Sketch App Resources: Hundreds of downloadable designs in Sketch format, ready for customization.
  • Sketch Apper: Plugins, templates, and other goodies for Sketch.
  • Favicon creator/generator: Construct your own image or build upon a template in this web app.
  • Free photos for personal or commercial use.
  • Unsplash photos: Even more free photos.
  • HOW Design freebies: From ebooks to price sheets to wallpapers to Photoshop color swatches, HOW provides many learning materials and other goodies.
  • UX Sketchbook: Paper notebooks that mix device bezels and dot grids.
  • Product Tribes: A popular Slack community for UX designers.

Ebooks galore




  • Boxes and Arrows: Well-organized articles on the design life.
  • UX Myths: Dispelling design misconceptions in UX and UI principles.
  • Nielsen Norman Group: Thoroughly researched reports and articles based on real-world experiments.
  • Luke W: Digital product design articles and notes from the guy who brought us the “mobile-first” concept.
  • Usability Geek: UX, HCI, IA, and other hot digital design topics in easy-to-read blog form.
  • r/userexperience: Reddit users’ thoughts on all things UX.

Podcasts and media



Style guides and design systems

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Ben Gremillion

by Ben Gremillion

Ben Gremillion is a Content Strategist at UXPin. He’s worked as both a web designer and a back-end developer. On the side he builds and maintains a CMS for webcomic artists, and participates in annual NaNoWriMo challenges.

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