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New eBay – Significant Change, or Shiny Upgrade?

Jerry Cao
Jerry Cao

eBay New Homepage

New eBay…changing eCommerce, or copying Pinterest?

New eBay! – Twitter have been shaking in excitement since yesterday’s announcement of eBay’s fresh UI design. Just as much as I enjoy their courageous effort to change the service used by millions of people worldwide, I admire the way they’ve announced their intentions.

eBay launched a full blown service about the redesign. They clearly explain what’s going on and inform what changes might be expected in upcoming months. It’s an impressive transparency. If you dig deep enough you can even find simple personas explaining the whole idea behind the fancy design. It’s a great example of customer centered processes that transcend usability testing. I’m honestly impressed. Bravo eBay! Bravo well-understood practice of UX Design!


The design itself is a manifestation of the new idea of eBay:

“The changes we’re making reflect the new eBay and our evolution as a marketplace that connects the world to the things they need and love. Technology is enabling a revolution in how people shop, and eBay is enabling the future of commerce. In the future of commerce, shopping is personal, driven by data. We want to make moments of inspiration instantly shoppable.”

It sounds great and well… the design looks stunning (at least in comparison to the old eBay). Personally I think, there’s nothing wrong with the resemblance of Pinterest famous grid if it brings the company value thanks to growing users satisfaction. Can this vehicle give all eBay’s users an excellent ride? We’ll see. The definite answer will most probably remain obscure for anyone outside eBay’s headquarters.

What we all can do though is… to play with the fresh eBay’s UI. I’ve scalped all visual decorations and recreated eBay new design as wireframing templates. You can upload them as Smart Elements to your UXPin account. Just go to UX Patterns and click on “upload wireframe…”.

eBay New Homepage Wireframe Template

eBay New Profile Page Wireframe Template

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Jerry Cao

by Jerry Cao

Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin where he gets to put his overly active imagination to paper every day. In a past life, he developed content strategies for clients at Brafton and worked in traditional advertising at DDB San Francisco. In his spare time he enjoys playing electric guitar, watching foreign horror films, and expanding his knowledge of random facts. Follow him on Twitter.

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