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Keyboard Shortcuts

Ben Gremillion
Ben Gremillion

The UXPin Editor comes with many keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster.

Although you can perform any action with a mouse and the occasional keyboard action, these shortcuts let you perform common actions with a quick keystroke.


SearchCmd +F
Design System Libraries Cmd + L
Show/hide gridAlt + G
Show/hide guidesAlt +H


Properties TabAlt + Q
Interactions TabAlt + W
Specification TabAlt + E

Basic Shortcuts

Move by 10 pxShift + ←→↑↓
ResizeCmd + ←→↑↓
Resize by 10pxCmd+Shift+←→↑↓
Drag on lineShift + drag
Show distancesAlt+hover
UndoCmd + Z
RedoCmd + Shift + Z
CutCmd + X
CopyCmd + C
PasteCmd + V
DuplicateAlt + drag / Cmd + D
Deletebksp / del
Add new pageCmd + P
Next pageAlt + ]
Previous pageAlt + [
PreviewCmd + Shift + P
ShareCmd + Shift + E


Select multipleCmd + click
Select allCmd + A
Next LayerTab
Previous LayerShift + Tab
GroupCmd + G
UngroupCmd + Shift + G
Create SymbolAlt + S
Add new stateCmd + Shift + S


Bring layer to frontCmd + Alt + ]
Send layer to backCmd + Alt + [
Move layer forwardCmd + ]
Move layer behindCmd + [
Lock / UnlockCmd + Shift + L
Show / HideCmd + Shift + H

Draw Elements

Rectangle / BoxR / B
Oval / CircleO / C


ItalicCmd + I
BoldCmd + B
UnderlineCmd + U
Smaller textCmd + “-“
Bigger textCmd + “+”


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Ben Gremillion

by Ben Gremillion

Ben Gremillion is a Content Strategist at UXPin. He’s worked as both a web designer and a back-end developer. On the side he builds and maintains a CMS for webcomic artists, and participates in annual NaNoWriMo challenges.

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