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Keyboard Shortcuts

Ben Gremillion
By Ben Gremillion on 1st July, 2016 Updated on 27th April, 2020

The UXPin Editor comes with many keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster.

Although you can perform any action with a mouse and the occasional keyboard action, these shortcuts let you perform common actions with a quick keystroke.


Search Cmd +F
Design System Libraries  Cmd + L
Show/hide grid Alt + G
Show/hide guides Alt +H


Properties Tab Alt + Q
Interactions Tab Alt + W
Specification Tab Alt + E

Basic Shortcuts

Move ←→↑↓
Move by 10 px Shift + ←→↑↓
Resize Cmd + ←→↑↓
Resize by 10px Cmd+Shift+←→↑↓
Drag on line Shift + drag
Show distances Alt+hover
Undo Cmd + Z
Redo Cmd + Shift + Z
Cut Cmd + X
Copy Cmd + C
Paste Cmd + V
Duplicate Alt + drag / Cmd + D
Delete bksp / del
Add new page Cmd + P
Next page Alt + ]
Previous page Alt + [
Preview Cmd + Shift + P
Share Cmd + Shift + E


Select multiple Cmd + click
Select all Cmd + A
Next Layer Tab
Previous Layer Shift + Tab
Group Cmd + G
Ungroup Cmd + Shift + G
Create Symbol Alt + S
Add new state Cmd + Shift + S


Bring layer to front Cmd + Alt + ]
Send layer to back Cmd + Alt + [
Move layer forward Cmd + ]
Move layer behind Cmd + [
Lock / Unlock Cmd + Shift + L
Show / Hide Cmd + Shift + H

Draw Elements

Rectangle / Box R / B
Text T
Image P
Icon I
Line L
Oval / Circle O / C
Hotspot H


Italic Cmd + I
Bold Cmd + B
Underline Cmd + U
Smaller text Cmd + “-“
Bigger text Cmd + “+”


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