UXPin - Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017-2018
Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017-2018

Enterprise UX Industry Report

The most in-depth look at designing B2B products today

The most comprehensive report of its kind.

In the Enterprise UX Industry Report, UXPin offers the first in-depth analysis of the challenges and trends for B2B product teams.

How much of a problem does legacy technology pose? How do designer and developer ratios affect collaboration? Are long-term career prospects promising?

These are just a few of the insights from 3,157 UX, product, and engineering professionals from B2B companies around the world.

UX is still new to enterprises


Only 26% of respondents report that a full-time UX role has existed for more than 5 years.

Agile rules the day


93% of respondents report they follow either an Agile or “Agile-fall” process.

The next step in the Agile UX evolution? Scaling design through component-based toolkits. Roughly 70% of all Agile organizations now use design systems or pattern libraries.

Design consistency is the greatest challenge

Top enterprise UX challenges:

Salaries and earning potential are strong

Line chart

In the U.S., 72% of all enterprise designers earn at least $75,000 per year.

After 3 years of experience, more enterprise designers in the U.S. start earning at least $100,000 yearly.

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