Design UI with code-backed components.

Use the same components in design as in development. Build advanced prototypes easily and get production-ready code right off the design.
Choose your building blocks
Assemble a high-fidelity prototype
Export production-ready React code
Use built-in coded libraries (like MUI, Tailwind UI, and more) or sync your own Git component repository
Try out a code-backed prototype yourself
What our clients are saying about us
Mark Figueiredo
Sr. UX Team Lead at T.RowePrice
“What used to take days to gather feedback now takes hours. Add in the time we’ve saved from not emailing back-and-forth and manually redlining, and we’ve probably shaved months off timelines.”
Larry Sawyer
Lead UX Designer
"When I used UXPin Merge, our engineering time was reduced by around 50%. Imagine how much money that saves across an enterprise-level organization with dozens of designers and hundreds of engineers.”
David Snodgrass
Design Leader
"Been a fan. The deeper interactions, the removal of artboard clutter creates a better focus on interaction rather than single screen visual interaction, a real and true UX platform that also eliminates so many handoff headaches."

Ship products faster by working in one environment.

Build UI with code but visually
Design with AI
Put design on autopilot. Build code-backed layouts using AI Component Creator with ChatGPT. Write a prompt and your auto-generated tables, forms, or whatever you like will be ready to save.
Built-in React libraries
Don’t have your own component library? Use UI elements from top React open-source ones like MUI, Tailwind UI, Ant Design, and more.
Get Clean Code & Specs
Copy specs and production-ready React code with dependencies. All yours and easy to maintain. Export it off your design, to your project, or open it in an online dev environment like StackBlitz.
Advanced interactions
Breathe life into your prototypes even more. Add advanced interactions, variables, conditional logic, and more to make your prototype behave like the end product.

Reusable UI

Design products faster by assembling ready and documented elements.

No more writing code from scratch.

Build designs with ready code that renders as UI and export it in just one click.

Make code your single source of truth.

Use one environment for all. Let designers and developers speak the same language.
Loved by developers and technical designers. Trusted by Enterprises.
Enhance your team's efficiency with code-backed prototype
Design with code to remove product inconsistencies and simplify handoff to speed up the design-to-development process.
Enhance your team's efficiency with code-backed prototype