Design Systems: Step-by-Step Guide t Creating Your Own
1. Create the UI Inventory for the Design System 2. Get Organizational Buy-In for the Design System 3. Build a Multidisciplinary Design Systems Team 4. Establish Rules and Principles for the Design System 5. Build the Color Palette for the Design System 6. Build the Typographic Scale for the Design System 7. Implement an Icons Library for the Design System 8. Standardize Other Style Properties 9. Build the First Design System Pattern 10. Run a Sprint Retrospective 11. Conclusion 12. Recommended Resources

Creating A Design System: Conclusion

Now you’re ready to run the design system as a sustainable project.

Remember this is just the start of the journey:

A design system is a process and therefore is simultaneously always ready and never done.

As Nathan Curtis once said, “A design system isn’t a project, it’s a product serving other products”. Like all great products, a design system requires iteration and evolution.

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