Implement an Icons Library for the Design System

Icons are a very important part of the visual language and should become part of the system. Finalize the library, choose the implementation method and make sure that all team members have easy access to all icons.

Decide which icons from the interface inventory should become part of the system

Decide which method of managing icons should be used to implement icons in a design system

Discuss with the team the ideal method of managing and implementing icons in your design systems. You can learn more about different options and their efficiency here.

If you’re changing the technology used to implement icons, implement icons on a test server and thoroughly test

Finalize the icons library to be used in a design system and add it to design system documentation

Deliver icons to tools used by product designers

Make sure that icons are easily accessible from design tools used by your team (UXPin, Sketch….). Just like I did with our type scale, I used UXPin's Design System Libraries to save all the icons in our toolkit to use in Sketch and UXPin later.

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