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Based in Seattle, LiquidPlanner offers a predictive project management platform to thousands of companies worldwide. Its enterprise customers include LinkedIn, Cummins, and Redapt.

In this customer success story, you’ll see how UXPin helped UX Designer Edward Nguyen and his team deliver better products faster.

undefined Photo Credit: LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner’s product development process was losing efficiency when shipping on tight timelines:


“UXPin is a requirement for us. Nota­ble, Adobe XD, Omnigraffle – none of those tools work for us.” Edward says. “You absolutely need UXPin’s pattern libraries and interactions to validate complex user scenarios quickly.”

Edward Nguyen, UX Designer - LiquidPlanner


To bring the right ideas to market faster, LiquidPlanner turned to UXPin:

undefinedLiquidPlanner created a UXPin prototype so powerful that users thought was already fully developed.

“It’s amazing to confidently tell my team that I can validate a design in a few days” Edward says. “I can prototype on Monday, test it Tuesday and Wednesday, and show results on Thursday.”

Edward Nguyen, UX Designer - LiquidPlanner


Thanks to efficient collaborative design in UXPin, the team can achieve certainty with greater confidence and less cost:

Company Results:

undefinedPhoto Credit: LiquidPlanner

Product Results:

“UXPin prototypes gave our developers enough confidence to build our designs straight in code,” Edward says. “If we had to code every prototype and they didn’t test well, I can only imagine the waste of time and money.”

Edward Nguyen, UX Designer - LiquidPlanner

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