3 Common UX Mistakes Killing Good Design

3 Common UX Mistakes Killing Good Design

Know the do’s and don’ts of unforgettable UX. Don’t make rookie mistakes.

  • Know the correct approach to UX & UI design.
  • Learn the right way to prioritize design elements.
  • See best practices based on design teardowns from Squarespace & Duolingo.
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  • Jerry Cao

    Jerry Cao

    Jerry Cao is a UX Content Strategist at UXPin. In his spare time he enjoys playing electric guitar, watching foreign horror films, and expanding his knowledge of random facts. Follow him on Twitter.

  • Kamil Zieba

    Kamil Zieba

    Co-founder and head of product at UXPin, Kamil previously worked as a UX/UI Designer at Grupa Nokaut. He studied software engineering in university, but design and psychology have always been his greatest passions. Follow me on Twitter @ziebak.