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Web Design Trends 2019

2019 was a stellar year for web design, as developers have followed trends that combined style with simplicity. Whether you are a web designer or manage a company’s website, you will find it important to understand and learn new design aesthetics and tactics that are designed to keep visitors engaged and create a positive experience for them.

For marketing teams, web developers, and freelance designers, an eBook is available courtesy of UXPin, titled “Web Design Trends 2019”. This eBook is full of tips and tricks for designing and branding for your website. No matter if your website looks out of date or lacks functionality, there is a lot you can learn so that any new assets and additions you include are modern and evergreen. Here is what is in store for aspiring web designers who read this palpable eBook.

What The Web Design Trends 2019 Guide Will Teach You

  • Chapter 1 – All About Color – Learn how to brand with color in very easy and effective ways.
  • Chapter 2 – Subtle Branding -Utilize minimalist text and icons to help give your marketing appeal.
  • Chapter 3 – Split Screen Design – Separate your collateral into two or more sections give focus to important details.
  • Chapter 4 – Data Visualizations – Determine the best ways to use your website for branding and marketing.
  • Chapter 5 – Layering With Interactivity – Add features and elements of interactivity to increase time visitors spend on your site.

Trends That Impress

Not only are websites designed to look appealing and be a great representation of a company, but they are also designed to guarantee that visitors will do what you would like them to, whether to make a purchase, share a link, or sign up to a newsletter. Here are four trends in web design that have become popular in 2019:

Black And White Pictures

One of the most popular web design trends 2019 involved removing color from photos entirely. Black and white pictures, when used properly on web sites, add a touch of drama or seriousness. For businesses that want to use pictures as major website assets, but don’t like that they add an unusual color to the site’s color scheme, changing that picture to black and white helps make the website look and feel focused as a whole.

Video Backgrounds

In 2019, there was no better way to greet visitors in landing pages than lively video backgrounds that played behind headlines or other display text. Video backgrounds often involve the use of looping abstract visual, clips, or environmental footage designed to tie the website together. Video backgrounds can give your website more for visitors to stop and look at, while giving your site something big and bold to be remembered by.

Headline Serif Fonts

Web developers have found that sans serif body text can be complimented with serif headlines to make for articles and pages that look timeless and sophisticated. Serif fonts give readers something grand to start with as they read their article, all while still being able to clearly read paragraphs that do not look as dated or archaic in comparison. Headline serif fonts simply give websites a touch of class if nothing else is able to.

Chat / Contact Boxes

Websites in 2019 were not only made to look attractive and contain vital information to visitors, but they also included some very useful and accessible features to use. One of these is a chat box that connects these visitors to experts in real-time. Visitors use these chat boxes to exchange instant messages right away with an employee or representative to answer any questions that they might have. For businesses that don’t have fully-fledged customer support but still want to help visitors with concerns, char boxes are simple to add to any type of website.

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