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Creating a Design System: The 100-Point Process Checklist


Are you:

  • A product designer?
  • A project manager?
  • A UX/UI designer or developer?
  • In the sales and marketing department?

Our eBook, Creating a Design System: The 100-Point Process Checklist, will help you create a design system that keeps all members on the same page and all tasks flowing naturally. If you want to learn how to eliminate the chaos, this eBook is for you.

What Creating a Design System: The 100-Point Process Checklist Will Teach You

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Section 1 – Why Should You Have a Design System? – If you want your design to scale with you, you need a design system.
  • Section 2 – Why Should You Use This Checklist? – Use our checklist if you want to discover how to create a foundation for a design system process, find inconsistencies, and more.
  • Section 3 – The Inventory – Creating inventories of patterns, colors, typographies, icons, and spaces, and how to present it to your team.
  • Section 4 – Get the Support of the Organization – Use our detailed stakeholder presentation to get key stakeholders on board.
  • Section 5 – Build a Multidisciplinary Systems Team – How to build a multidisciplinary team by knowing the skills needed to fix inconsistencies and create lasting success.
  • Section 6 – Make Key Decisions and Establish Key Rules and Principles – Decide how and what you’re going to build, who’s going to build it, and how to find solutions to every problem.
  • Section 7 – Build the Color Palette – Colors affect the entire system, so they must be chosen and organized before you begin.
  • Section 8 – Build the Typographic Scale – Typography affects the entire system, so choosing standard typefaces on a consistent scale is a must.
  • Section 9 – Implement Icons Library – How to finalize your library, choose your implementation method, and ensure easy access.
  • Section 10 – Standardize Other Style Properties – How to standardize all properties of each project to solve issues before they arise.
  • Section 11 – Build the First Design System Pattern – After you have all the building blocks in place, you’re ready to build your first design system pattern.
  • Section 12 – Run a Sprint Retrospective – Summarize your KPIs and ensure your team is always learning and improving.
  • Section 13 – Recommended reading

This eBook will provide you with a better understanding of why process documentation is so important for a repeatable system.

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