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The Future of Enterprise UX

Consumer-Grade UX in the Enterprise

Amanda Linden, former head of design at Asana, takes you on a voyage to the future of enterprise user experience (UX) design.

  • How new-generation enterprise apps like Dropbox, Slack, Google apps, and others might make dinosaurs of traditional IT applications (page 8).
  • Why an investment in enterprise UX eliminates the need for an expensive sales force (page 11).
  • Learn how to give first-time users that “aha” moment which reveals the core value of the product (page 17).

20 Years Experience With Enterprise UX Condensed Into a 47 Page Ebook

Linden shares hard lessons learned about enterprise UX. Her experience at Yahoo! And Intuit have made her a superstar at Asana.

Learn How To Create Enterprise UX Products of the Future

This valuable ebook reveals how to stay ahead of enterprise UX trends so that your designs won’t become obsolete before they’re released.

  • First impressions are lasting impressions. Learn these principles to create a fantastic first-time user experience (pages 16-17).
  • Simplified navigation improves UX. Use these tips to make it easy for the user.
  • What gaming apps can teach us about user engagement that you can apply to enterprise UX (page 22).
  • An increasing number of people use the internet with their mobile devices. Discover priceless tips for exceptional mobile UX (page24).
  • Why the ability for the end-user to customize an app is important to user loyalty (page 29).
  • What customization features does your enterprise UX need most? See the answer starting on page 29.

How to Demystify Enterprise UX User Research

  • The importance of functional prototypes to get feedback in the early stages of UX design (page 32).
  • The 4 most useful methods of UX research (page 32).
  • How to launch a successful beta test (page34).
  • The right way to perform A/B testing (pages 35-36).

Case Studies: Enterprise UX Lessons Learned From Quickbooks and Asana

  • Quickbooks began to descend from an avant-garde platform to an enterprise UX fossil. Discover how Amanda Linden restored its leading-edge status.
  • Launching Quickbooks redesign too slowly would have risked a severe drop in customer satisfaction. Find out which UX design principles allowed Linden’s team to launch faster.
  • See how improved enterprise UX increased profits from Quickbooks and decreased calls to customer support.
  • What Linden’s team at Asana learned about how enterprise UX goes hand-in-hand with branding.

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  • Amanda Linden

    Amanda Linden

    Amanda Linden is Head of Design at Asana. She is responsible for product and marketing design, and also the Asana brand. Prior to Asana, she was the Design Director for Intuit’s small business division. There, she led the redesign of Intuit Quickbooks web and mobile products, and also managed their payroll and payments experiences. She was previously a Director of Design at Yahoo! on the platform team. Amanda has an MBA and a BS in visual communication from UC Davis.