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Real-Life UX Design Processes

How Successful Companies Design Their Products

What The Real-Life UX Design Processes Guide Will Teach You

When designing a website, program, app, or service, you want people using your product to feel good and have an easy time using it, and this is in large part due to an effective user-experience, also known as UX. From user research and behavior to great visuals and accessibility, there are a number of elements that make up UX design in a product, and this eBook can show you everything to know about how yours can achieve fascinating design.

The eBook is a concise digital guide that features 100 percent helpful content for programmers and digital designers with no filler. With each section of this eBook, you can find a plethora of content, knowledge, inspiration, and words to live by when you are tasked to make a digital platform friendly for consumers.

Here is what to expect when you delve into Real-Life UX Design Processes:

Great Examples From Top Companies

Various companies have learned their craft from other influences, and you should as well. Learn about unprecedented products that achieve near-perfect UX design from companies such as Slack, Sumo Logic, Kaplan, Autodesk, and 3M. You can learn the in-depth stories behind their creative design philosophies and incorporate successful practices into your own product. What better way to learn about the best UX practices than companies that have learned the same principles?

A Simple And Effective UX Planning Phase

If you don’t have a concrete plan to make your program have a solid UX, allow this eBook to help guide you. If your product is still a work-in-progress as far as user experience goes, you can learn all about planning for a fruitful UX design. This starts with discovering great design and function, researching the behaviors and needs of consumers, putting elements together to create an appealing product, and testing your product to ensure it delivers the best experience for users.

Learn By Practice

This eBook also features many exercises for users to practice themselves. No matter if you are developing for computers, smartphones, or other devices, you can practice new skills and ideas that you have learned and apply them to your own tools so you can learn what your program needs and also learn how to implement it. There are no additional programs or downloads required; simply learn with your own utilities and develop as a designer in an organic fashion with test projects.

Other Resources Related To Real-Life UX Design Processes

This eBook has helped many companies out in a pinch, and you could be next! Download Real-Life UX Design Processes today and get started on how to improve your digital product.

There are plenty of other resources you can also take advantage of in UX and product design. Here’s a wonderful blog on how to crack any UX web design job.

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  • Uri Ashano

    Uri Ashano

    Uri Ashano is a Senior UX Manager at Autodesk. Previously, he was a Product Manager of UX at AT&T and SAP. He has a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University and an MA in Interactive Art from the Royal College of Art.

  • Diogenes Brito

    Diogenes Brito

    Diogenes Brito is a Product Designer and Engineer at Slack. Previously, he was a UX Designer at Squarespace and LinkedIn. He graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Product Design.

  • Laura Kershaw

    Laura Kershaw

    Laura Kershaw is a Lead Product Designer at Kaplan Test Prep. Previously, she was a Senior UX Designer at Starwood Hotels. She is Agile-certified and holds an MA in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

  • Daniel Castro

    Daniel Castro

    Daniel Castro is a Design Director at Sumo Logic. He has over 15 years of experience in strategic, operational, and product design leadership. Previously he served in design and leadership roles at Sephora, Walmart, Verizon, and TIBCO Software.

  • Andy Vitale

    Andy Vitale

    Andy Vitale is a Lead Interaction Designer at 3M Health Care. Previously, he was a UX Architect at Belk and Office Depot.