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The State of Web Design: 2016 Edition

Web Design Techniques & Technology Updated for 2016
  • Know how to stay ahead as a web designer in 2016
  • 17 updated web design tactics explained concisely in 60 pages
  • Topics include: modular UI design, Flexbox, mobile-first design, responsive images, interaction design, UI patterns, and more.
  • 24 handpicked examples analyzed from Slack, Samsung, Ford, Under Armor, and others.
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  • Ben Gremillion

    Ben Gremillion

    Ben Gremillion is a Content Designer at UXPin. Previously, he was a Design Writer at ZURB. He started in newspaper design, saw a digital future, and learned HTML/CSS in short order. He later earned an Adobe Certification, and learned up regex, PHP, MySQL, and other impressive-sounding acronyms. He also builds and maintains a CMS for webcomic artists, and participates in bi-annual NaNoWriMo challenges.

  • Carrie Cousins

    Carrie Cousins

    Carrie Cousins has more than 15 years of experience creating content for web and digital publications. Cousins, who is a designer and writer, also has an MBA from Virginia Tech. She’s a runner and participates in dog sports with three Australian Shepherds. Follow me on Twitter.