The 23-Point UX Checklist

In this content-heavy ebook by Fabio Muniz, you will find the go-to information for a thorough check of your website’s or app’s user experience. A 23-point checklist will guide you through the UX testing process and will help you audit your product.

Covers interaction design, visual design, information architecture, typography, and UI design.

User Experience testing checklist

“During the design process, some flaws in your product will go unnoticed. Those little (or sometimes big) things can do a lot to hurt the experience that the user has while using your software.”

An easy to follow workplan for auditing UX

Each section will give you a clear “Why it matters” and “How to test it” information that will streamline your review process:

“5. No more than three primary colors.

Why it matters: This isn’t a fixed rule – and sometimes, for specific cases, more than three primary colors can be used. Keep in mind, however, that combining three colors is already difficult, so for most cases, more than that should be avoided.

How to test it: Make sure that the color palette you used when designing the product has no more than three primary colors.”

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  • Fabio Muniz

    Fabio Muniz

    Fabio Muniz is a Product Designer. He's done work for YC-backed startups like Gigster and Shogun, as well as enterprise clients such as Google, Viacom and NBCUniversal. Currently he's a co-founder at Awari, an e-learning startup with mentor-led online courses.