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The 23-Point UX Checklist That Will Help You Avoid Problems and Get to Market Sooner

We’ve worked on countless UX projects, so we know that common problems can frustrate teams and slow productivity. They can even force you to go back to the beginning and go through each step to locate the issue. Avoid issues before you begin by reading the 23-Point UX Checklist ebook from UXPin. Knowing how to prepare for a project makes every step between the initial idea and going to market easier.

The 23-Point UX Checklist Guide covers diverse topics that all of your team members will appreciate. When it comes time to launch your next product, you won’t have to rush to fix issues before the deadline. You can sit back and feel confident that your target market will enjoy using your interface. That’s what will keep customers coming back to your product over and over again.

What the 23-Point UX Checklist Guide Will Teach You

  • Chapter 1: Interactive Design – Build an effective interactive design that uses repetitive actions, helps users recover quickly from errors, and makes it easy for customers to access help when they need it.
  • Chapter 2: Visual Design – A great visual design will use colors and objects to help users understand the hierarchy, content, and functionality of your interface.
  • Chapter 3: Information Architecture – Make sure your information architecture has consistent navigation that helps users find the pages they want, and leave plenty of room for growth so your product can keep evolving!
  • Chapter 4: Typography – Everything from text size to capitalization can affect your UX, so make sure you follow approved guidelines that add attractiveness and functionality to your products.
  • Chapter 5: User Interface – The overall user interface needs a design that lets users see where they are in multi-step processes, distinguish between foreground and background elements, and have an appealing aesthetic that keeps people interested.

Other Resources Related to UX Project Checklists

UXPin has plenty of other resources that can help you plan UX project checklists that make it easier to avoid problems while developing and producing your product.

The following list includes webinars, blog posts, and ebooks to get you started. Whether you’re new to UX projects or you’ve been developing user interfaces for years, you will find useful information that makes work easier.

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    Fabio Muniz

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