User Testing and Design Improving Yelps Website

User Testing and Design

Improving Yelp's Website

This free e-book shows how to run quick usability tests for smarter design, with Yelp as an example. @uxpin #uxdesign #webdesign

  • high-level analysis of business needs to inform product testing and design decisions
  • 5 unique user tests, their results, and actionable analyses
  • high-fidelity interactive prototypes and low-fidelity wireframes of Yelp's redesigns
  • BONUS: discount on all three services to follow our same UX process
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  • Chris Bank

    Chris Bank

    Chris Bank is the growth lead @UXPin. He also led growth @Lettuce (acquired by Intuit), @MyFit (acquired by Naviance), and his own startup @Epostmarks (USPS strategic partner), and launched @Kaggle in the B2B tech vertical. In his downtime, he rock climbs, motorcycles, designs apps, travels, and reads. Visit my website and Follow me on Twitter.

  • Jerry Cao

    Jerry Cao

    Jerry Cao is a UX Content Strategist at UXPin. In his spare time he enjoys playing electric guitar, watching foreign horror films, and expanding his knowledge of random facts. Follow him on Twitter.

  • Kathryn Reeves

    Kathryn Reeves

    Kathryn writes and edits content for Optimal Workshop, with a focus on user research techniques, theory, and case studies. She’s an avid follower of whatever’s happening in the UX industry, and a total web junkie. You can contact her by or tweeting@kathrynspybaby.

  • Hannah Alvarez

    Hannah Alvarez

    Hannah writes, edits, and plans content for UserTesting. As a former non-profit professional, she's dedicated to making the world — and the web — a better place. In her free time, she likes making things and going on adventures.