Web UI Design Best Practices

Web UI Design Best Practices

UI Design From The Experts

Are you:

  • A web designer?
  • A web development project manager?
  • A UX/UI design specialist?

Designing the perfect website isn’t just about looks. The user interface is much more than just the buttons and menus that meet the user. It’s about the connection between user and experience. First impressions are lasting impressions – the end user either likes what they see or they seek something better. The best web.ui design strikes that impeccable balance between captivating looks and effortless interaction. It’s like an invisible hand guiding your users through the experience at the speed of thought.

What the Web UI Design Best Practices Guide Will Teach You

This eBook deep dives into web UI design best practices. Inside this guide, you’ll find:

  • It’s Not UX versus UI, It’s UX and UI – What web UI is and what it’s not, what it looks like in action, why UXPin builds UI instead of UX, how the UI shapes the UX, and what it feels like to learn UX.
  • Understanding Your Users and Their Needs – Personas, user scenarios, top task prioritization, forging ahead with a plan.
  • Understanding the Visual Hierarchy and UI Patterns – Creating visual organization and selection and application of UI patterns.
  • Understanding the Principles and Elements of Web UI – The essence of the interface, input controls, site navigation and animations, default settings, guiding user actions, visual and language clarity, and the MAYA principle.
  • Understanding the Visual Elements in UI – Visual principles and style guides.
  • Collaborating on Designs – Why committees don’t work, creating mood boards, design studio exercises, how to turn your ideas into reality, and how no designer is an island.
  • About UXPin

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