Design Leadership

  • Adam Fry-Pierce

    Strategies for Building A Resilient DesignOps Practice

    • Adam Fry-Pierce Chief of Staff, UX Leadership at Google

    Adam invited two other experts from DesignOps Assembly to discuss strategies that drive successful design operations teams and make design processes more efficient.

  • Maggie Dieringer

    DesignOps Layers of Impact | Design Value Conference

    • Maggie Dieringer Design Operations Lead at Uber Eats

    There are many factors within an organization that influence how Design Operations functions. From team size, to Design leadership partnership, to maturity of the team, and everything in between. Having helped build a function from the ground up and seen it grow and fluctuate over the last four years, I’ll walk you through my learnings from working on the ground to zooming out and becoming increasingly strategic.

  • Salomé Mortazavi

    A Path to Proving DesignOps and Business Impact | Design Value Conference

    • Salomé Mortazavi Director of DesignOps at SiriusXM

    It's said 80% of value comes from 20% of the effort. As a DesignOps practitioner, how can you maximize your value and efficiency? In this talk, Salome Mortazavi will give an overview of how she leverages the Design Maturity Index to hyper focus DesignOps efforts to scale the Design team’s impact on business.

  • Erica Rider

    DesignOps 2.0 – Scaling Design | Design Value Conference

    • Erica Rider Sr Manager UX at PayPal

    Scaling design is not about throwing more designers at the problem. Scaling design effectively is about operationalizing design, aligning closer with the principles of DevOps. How do we enable product teams to successfully deliver useful and usable products to their customers? This is an evolution that they call DesignOps2.0. Nearly everything a product team deals with impacts UX. Traditional development issues like availability and latency have a significant impact the user’s experience.

  • Omkar Chandgadkar

    How To Design a Plane While Flying It | Design Value Conference

    • Omkar Chandgadkar Sr UX Designer at Amazon

    Sometimes, design programs get stuck in the rut of either shipping low impact tactical features or ideating on big picture vision that doesn’t ship. This presentation can help design leaders building new teams or leaders without design ops support plan design intake and iteratively elevate design impact. This talk will explain how to do so by reframing UX design as a “product offering” instead of a “process” to facilitate intake and planning.

  • Dave Malouf

    Holistic Design Operations

    • Dave Malouf Director of Design Operations

    Dave Malouf teaches you how to transform design operations, and build a bridge between design, development, and product teams in a way that helps designers create valuable work.

  • Patrizia Bertini

    Measuring DesignOps’ Impact

    • Patrizia Bertini Associate Director of Design Operations

    See how to quantify and maximize DesignOps' impact. Learn more about scaling your design teams from Patrizia Bertini, Associate Design Operations Director at Babylon.

  • Erica Rider

    Scale design efficiently with DesignOps2.0

    • Erica Rider Developer Tools UX Design Lead at PayPal

    Watch our webinar in which we shine a light on the evolution of DesignOps2.0. Discover how to transform your design process and empower your team with an end-to-end product development lifecycle.

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