• Yuga Koda

    Opening Keynote | Design Value Conference

    • Yuga Koda CEO at UXPin

    Watch the opening keynote at Design Value Conference 2022. Yuga Koda, UXPin's CEO at that time shared a little bit of UXPin's background and announced the newest tool, Merge Component Manager. Watch the keynote to see how it can streamline the way you design with UI components.

  • Piotr Źrołka

    11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit

    • Piotr Źrołka Accessibility Expert and CEO of Kinaole

    Get accessibility design insights from Piotr Źrołka, Accessibility Expert, UX Strategist, and CEO of Kinaole! Learn how to create designs that meet the needs of all your users – especially those who have disabilities like low vision, color blindness, and blindness.

  • Luis Garcia

    Accessibility, the Design Handoff, and You!

    • Luis Garcia Accessibility Product Manager at eBay

    People are at the core of UX and as a designer, you are responsible to make sure the user experience is great for everyone, regardless of their abilities or situation.

  • Natalie Phanphengdy

    States 101

    • Natalie Phanphengdy Product Onboarding Specialist at UXPin

    With States from UXPin, you can easily design advanced prototypes with animated components. It’s time to start thinking out of the box and dream big; the possibilities with States are endless!

  • Natalie Phanphengdy

    Prototyping with States

    • Natalie Phanphengdy Product Onboarding Specialist at UXPin

    Learn to edit elements easily and create fast animations with interactive States in UXPin.

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