Importing from Photoshop

Working in Photoshop and want to turn your designs into fully interactive prototypes and simplify your workflow? You can now do that with UXPin plugin for Photoshop. You can import your files directly from Photoshop into UXPin  and all layers and elements will be preserved. Forget about redrawing your design files.

Our new integration will allow you to:

  • Transform your existing static design files into real interactive prototypes
  • Gather feedback on your Photoshop and Sketch files
  • Show your final mockups alongside earlier versions so your team understands the whole process

Please note that the currently supported Photoshop versions are Photoshop 2017 CC, Photoshop 2018 CC and Photoshop 2019 CC.

  1. Sign in to your UXPin account.
  2. Click on the settings' icon in the top right corner and choose Integrations. You will see the current plugin version. Here, you can also download a Windows version.
  3. Click Get plugin.
  4. On Mac, the installer will guide you through the process. However, on Windows you should copy the UXPinExport folder into Plug-ins/Generator/ in your Photoshop folder.
  5. In Photoshop, select your elements and click File > Generate > UXPin Export. The file will be exported to your desktop with .uxpin extension.
UXPin dashboard

Exporting artboards isn’t currently supported and they will appear as white layers in UXPin.

Return to UXPin and either create a new project or click into your existing project. Once you’re in the project, drag and drop the file into UXPin.

UXPin dashboard

Done! All the elements of your Photoshop file are preserved. Feel free to click around and add interactions.