• Creative Pop-up Examples Done Right

    by Julia Haleniuk
    pop up header 1200x600

    Pop-ups are one of the most popular design patterns. That’s why we’ve put together some examples of pop-ups done right and backed them up with tutorials on how to create them in UXPin. The whole idea behind cookie consents When sites remember your login details, preferences, or store your shopping cart items for later, that’s

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  • What We Brought to UXPin Over the Last Months

    by Julia Haleniuk
    shot3 01

    At its heart, UXPin is a design and prototyping tool that takes your designs to the next level by giving them that “real product” feel thanks to many, many features – from real inputs and data to interactions and variables.  Bridging the worlds of design and development, UXPin also brings out to the best of

  • We’re Leaving Spectrum

    by Julia Haleniuk
    Community Launch 1200x600

    Thank you for being part of our Community on Spectrum for over a year. There wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t for you! We appreciate all the valuable insights and lots of energy that you have given us – it has allowed us to make UXPin better. The Spectrum Community has been a place where

  • See What to Expect in UXPin 2.5

    by Julia Haleniuk
    2 5 release Blogpost cover

    Just like the rest of the world, we also work remotely now, but that’s not stopping us from building new features and adding improvements. Before we release UXPin 2.5 to you, we want to shed light on some of the features that are about to roll out: Comments in the Editor: New level of collaboration

  • 4 Cognitive Psychology Tricks for UX Design Excellence

    by Helene Cue
      BlogHeader CognitiveTricks 200x600px

      UX design experience that does no harm. What is it about? It’s about putting value over personal gain. While it sounds perfect in theory, in practice it is hardly ever achieved. So, what is behind the value in UX design? Many UX designers make a mistake by thinking that value can be achieved by having

    • How to Master App Prototyping and Handoff to Developers?

      by Khloe Hunter
        BlogpostHeader AppPrototyping 1200x600 1

        Not many businesses can survive the first interaction with their customers. And when we speak of mobile app investors and stakeholders, they get a plethora of development pitches in their inboxes on a daily basis. But, if you have a clear understanding of how to prototype your mobile app you will have a competitive advantage

      • How Can You Master Remote Work with UXPin

        by Julia Haleniuk
          Header Collaboration 1200x600

          Work from home, they said. It’s going to be great, they said. Love it or hate it, but remote work is more feasible now than ever. Since there is still a lot of stigma around working from home, we decided to show how UXPin helps master remote team collaboration. So fret not, designers who are


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