• Git for Designers – All You Need to Know

    by UXPin
      Git for Designers

      As designers, our final goal is to make great products for the end user. This is why our collaboration with developers is paramount in every product we build.  We come up with a product’s concept. Create mockups and prototypes. Then hand over the final design to developers to get the project live. In this scenario,

    • Make Fully Functional Prototypes to Improve Usability Testing

      by UXPin
        Make Fully Functional Prototypes to Improve Usability Testing

        Launching a successful digital product takes a lot of effort. Working hard, however, does not ensure that users will adopt your product.  The truth is users may resign from your product because you haven’t tested the product before release.  If you skipped creating an advanced, fully functional prototype and decided to go with a low-fidelity

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      • Selecting The Right Open-Source Project in React Ecosystem

        by UXPin
          right ecosystem in react

          Open source projects provide a unique way to work collaboratively with other people and learn through teamwork. It’s not rocket science, but it’s safe to say that a lot goes into choosing the right open source project in the React ecosystem.  So, for anyone looking to take up on a challenge and commit, we’ve made

        • What is an Affinity Diagram and How It Can Help You

          by UXPin
          What is an Affinity Diagram

          The affinity diagram offers a framework for grouping information, be it data, user needs, opinions, insights, or other data types.  Affinity diagrams are when you put each concept, idea, or thought onto a small piece of notepaper. Then, you group ideas by different categories to see what the affinity of the two ideas could be.

        • Top 8 Design System Examples

          by UXPin
          Top 8 DS

          Many companies, such as Airbnb and Uber, have already switched to using a unique design system of their own. Constant innovation within the industry is an essential aspect of setting a brand apart from the competition and improving the user experience, especially for brands that operate on a global scale. Thanks to making the most

        • How to Import Your Components into Storybook and Use Them in UXPin

          by Robert Kirkman
            How to Import Your Components to Storybook and Use Them in UXPin

            We’ve recently released our Merge-powered integration with Storybook that allows you to bring Storybook components to UXPin editor and design with them, keeping all the interactions available in Storybook. It helps break down the design and development silos and finally, let product teams use the single source of truth.  It’s the second integration (we also


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