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coding languages to know in 2020
Coding Languages to Know in 2020 by Hunter Amato

In the constantly evolving, technology-driven world we live in, it’s vital to stay on top of the most updated programs and applications out there. In order to have your site, app, game, etc. on the forefront, you have to stay updated with the best coding for your needs. There are tons of new coding languages

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6 Reasons Why You Should Prototype Your App Idea Before Developing It
6 Reasons Why You Should Prototype Your App Idea Before Developing It by Joan Wilkes

In the world of mobile app development, prototypes mean introductory versions of concepts or ideas. App developers or entrepreneurs typically draw upon prototypes as a means of establishing the genuine versions of their app before actually investing time and money developing it. If you have an app idea, then it may be in your greatest

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Everything About Usability Testing Through Al-Powered Software by Frank Hamilton

Are you a professional designer or developer? Are you an online business enthusiast? How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence? Why is AI now more feasible and critical than ever? How is AI best applied, and how can AI help us test smarter? How is AI changing user research? How do you leverage Al

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Product Designer vs. UX Designer. A comparative Analysis by YUJ Designs

Since the evolution of digital products, the trend has been to move away from generalized roles and to more specialized ones where designers intended to communicate the purpose of their role. There were simpler times when there was just a designer and a developer. Then came a time, when the role and responsibility of a digital designer

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See what’s new in UXPin 2.2 by Julia Haleniuk

We’re back with a roundup of new features, and we’re very excited about all that is yet to come this year. This release brings all-new grids, color labels for pages and access to your recent prototypes right from the editor. All topped off with over 100 fixes and improvements. New Grids are on the Block

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2020 design trends
2020 Design Trends by UXPin

From hip logos, fonts, and colors to computational design, the changes in the design jobs landscape, inclusive design, and much more. This is more or less what we discussed with a bunch of amazing designers from all around the world in our new YouTube series of 2020 Design Trends interviews.  In reality, 2020 is just

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