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App icon design
App Icon Design – 5 Amazing Ideas from Tech Companies by UXPin

One of the most critical choices any app development company will make is the design of the app icon. Good icons are inviting and will increase interaction, while a bad design can slow down adoption and make users less likely to use it. Their first impression will be your app’s icon – it’s what they’ll

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AdobeXD Alternative
The Code-Based Adobe XD Alternative – UXPin Merge by UXPin

Overwhelmed by the plethora of Adobe XD alternatives? Are you looking for an upgrade to Adobe XD rather than a copy of your existing workspace? Discover why UXPin is the best Adobe XD alternative and the benefits of using a code-based design platform. We also introduce Merge and how this revolutionary technology bridges the gap

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UI Trends 2023
10 UX UI Design Trends that Will Dominate 2024 by UXPin

Personalization, scrollytelling, data storytelling, and buttonless UIs are some of the most exciting 2023 UI design trends. Our research has also noticed an interesting UX UI trend toward larger screens, with Instagram improving its desktop experience to accommodate the growing demand. Create high-quality, fully functioning prototypes to test your UI design ideas with UXPin. Sign

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ux architect vs ux designer
UX Architect vs. UX Designer – What’s the Difference? by UXPin

A UX Architect is a person responsible for the structure of the product and user flow. She or he works on the verge of UX design and engineering. This role has emerged as the UX space is continually growing and evolving, with new UX roles and departments popping up from time to time. We’ll explore

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design system engineer
Design System Engineer – Job Description, Responsibilities, and Skills by UXPin

Design System Engineers don’t just bridge gaps; they ensure a smooth transition from pixel to code. This comprehensive guide digs deep into what a DSE does, the skill set required, and how they fit into the product development cycle. Whether you’re an aspiring DSE, a hiring manager, or just intrigued, read on to unravel the

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What is a component library
What is a Component Library, and Why Should You Use One for UI Development? by UXPin

When optimizing development across many platforms, it’s wise to consider using a component library. By offering an accessible, open-source repository of production-ready, customizable, and reusable code components—like buttons and accordions—component libraries let UI and UX designers leverage faster development and growth. Key takeaways: Share a single source of truth between designers and engineers. Use UXPin

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