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Design Facilitation
What is Design Facilitation and How to Host Your First Session? by UXPin

Workshops and design sprints are standard in most design processes. These collaborative exercises allow design teams to get valuable input from multiple departments and stakeholders. Design facilitation provides the essential planning and framework to ensure these exercises deliver successful outcomes. Facilitators must guide team members through various tasks and activities to achieve the activity’s goals

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Best Design Collaboration Tools for In House Product Teams
Best Design Collaboration Tools for Fast and Organized Work by UXPin

The design process is a collaborative effort where designers seek input and ideas from other design teams, product teams, engineers, and other stakeholders. Design collaboration tools help bring these people and ideas into a centralized workflow to increase productivity and streamline projects. UXPin Merge is a design technology that’s able to sync design and development,

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UX Content Strategy
UX Content Strategy – How to Create and Track it by UXPin

Content exists across multiple touchpoints sourced from numerous creators. A UX content strategy ensures content production and governance remain high quality and consistency to enhance a product’s user experience while meeting business goals. We’ll explore two significant factors in developing and maintaining a content strategy: A content strategy team uses these facets to create a

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The Responsibilities of Developers During Design Handoff
Design Handoff Basics – What Do Developers Need from Designers? by UXPin

Design handoffs are a tense time. Designers and engineers speak separate languages and work within different constraints, making communication and collaboration challenging. The first step to bridging this gap is defining what engineers need for development. Communicating these needs at the start of the design process will help designers prepare accordingly and streamline the design

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React for designers
React for Designers – Build React-Based Prototypes without Coding by UXPin

Learning React for designers–is it necessary? Can you build code prototypes without learning to code? These are common questions among product development teams and designers. Most designers don’t want to learn to code. And rightly so. Learning React or even the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript takes a lot of time. A designer’s time

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UX vs CX
Customer Experience vs. User Experience – Why the Difference Matters by UXPin

Don Norman, the founder of the Nielsen Norman Group and former Apple VP, coined the term user experience or UX in the 90s. Almost two decades later, Tony Hillson from Service Design in New Zealand came up with customer experience or CX.  Many people incorrectly use CX and UX interchangeably, but these describe different levels

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