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VUI: The Future of Voice Interface Design Explained by UXPin

How Common is Voice Interface Design?  The overall trend toward VUI has been accelerating as processors get smaller and more Internet of Things (IoT) devices come online. All of the “Big Five” tech firms – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – have invested heavily in voice interface as the way forward. In 2019, an

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Agile vs. Scrum vs. Kanban: Which Project Management Methodology is Right For Your Team? by UXPin

Choosing the ideal project management methodology enables users to optimize results by identifying and handling the critical components of their projects. This ensures that teams are able to manage deadlines and budgets by leveraging specific processes.  For example, agile methodologies (as the term suggests), focuses on dynamic communication and constant feedback among cross-functional teams and

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The Psychology of UX Writing by Kalina Tyrkiel

There is much more to UX writing than words alone. The words in your product should be focused on the user, and every user brings a lot to the table. Each individual comes with prejudices and attitudes, expectations and cognitive limitations. Although it may not seem like it at first, UX writing has a lot

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Free and seamless collaboration for cross-functional teams by Julia Haleniuk

We have lived to see design teams transform from a few designers working in the corner of the open space to large cross-functional teams that collaborate with business, stakeholders, and development. Today, designers work with people from many departments, on all sorts of levels, in different timezones – sometimes even people from outside the company.

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Creative Pop-up Examples Done Right by Julia Haleniuk

Pop-ups are one of the most popular design patterns. That’s why we’ve put together some examples of pop-ups done right and backed them up with tutorials on how to create them in UXPin. The whole idea behind cookie consents When sites remember your login details, preferences, or store your shopping cart items for later, that’s

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What We Brought to UXPin Over the Last Months by Julia Haleniuk

At its heart, UXPin is a design and prototyping tool that takes your designs to the next level by giving them that “real product” feel thanks to many, many features – from real inputs and data to interactions and variables.  Bridging the worlds of design and development, UXPin also brings out to the best of

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