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UXPin Changelog July 2018 #10 by Paweł Wakuła

In July, we’ve added a few features that allow building better high fidelity prototypes: new curve types for pen tool, loop for interactions, flipping elements. Also, we’ve released some enhancements to the UXPin Editor to improve the workflow. Details below. Editor and Preview [New] Asymmetric and disjointed curve types for pen tool.    [New] Possibility to

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UXPin Changelog June 2018 #9 by Paweł Wakuła

In June, we’ve released many features to improve the workflow in UXPin Editor and build better high fidelity prototypes. Details below. Editor and Preview [New] Redesigned properties panel split into separate styling sections. [New] Context top bar menu – allows to group and ungroup the  elements, turn them into symbols and open the interactions panel

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UXPin Changelog May 2018 #8 by Paweł Wakuła

In May, we’ve focused on the improvements for Design Systems and UXPin Editor. We’ve also released a new version of a Desktop App (1.1). Details below. Editor and Preview [New] Line element.                                               

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10 UXPin Product Updates You Might Have Missed by Tomasz Iwaniak

And now they’re here! From user requests to new features, big and small, we’ve shared some of UXPin’s updates from the last twelve months in one concise form.   1. Shadows You can easily add shadows to the elements and customize their color, opacity, and relative position. It’s possible to combine multiple shadows together or create

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UXPin Changelog May 2018 #7 by Paweł Wakuła

In April, we’ve released a Desktop App, a few enhancements to the UXPin Editor and Design Systems, and new versions of the Sketch plugin. Details below. Desktop App That month marked the release of our brand new desktop application that has all the tools you know and love from the original browser version. Download here

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Importance of Design Consistency by Chris Stryjewski

How creating Design Systems help solve problems every designer and developer face when scaling up. Not long ago, our CEO, Marcin Treder, wrote a series of posts describing his work in helping to build UXPin’s internal design system. After interviewing leaders in the industry, he concluded that a lack of design consistency was clearly a

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