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So You Want to be a UX Designer – Google Has a Boot Camp for That by UXPin

With the U.S. unemployment rate hovering at around 8%, millions of Americans are in limbo either looking for a new job or unsure about when (or if) they’ll be able to go back to their pre-pandemic employment.  On the bright side, a tight and unpredictable job market is the perfect time to learn a new

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Meet UXPin Merge: quickly launch a design system devs and designers will love by Derek Haynes

Like Patrick Bateman inspecting Paul Allen’s business card, it’s easy to be envious when inspecting the design systems of GitHub, IBM, and Atlassian. Responsive? Check. Patterns? Check. Vector-based design libraries? Check. These systems are monuments to work-ethic, discipline, and teamwork. When a design system is launched, it dramatically reduces the time it takes to go

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UX Consulting: How To Know When You Need It by UXPin

You may want to hire a UX consultant before you begin your next product development project. User experience consultants become particularly valuable when you have a team of junior designers or you want to create a product outside of your expertise. By bringing a consultant in before you start the project, you can create an

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What Actually Constitutes Design Language? by UXPin

Visual communication is exceptionally complicated. It’s diverse, boundless, and relentless. To induce a sense of clarity and coherence to it, we need to establish a series of constraints that will help us communicate with our end-users. This is where Design Language comes into play.  Historically, we’ve done the same thing with natural languages. Syntax, semantics,

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Scale design efficiently with DesignOps2.0
Join our free webinar “Scaling design with DesignOps2.0” by Julia Haleniuk

We’re happy to let you know that we’re hosting a free webinar “Scale design efficiently with DesignOps2.0” with a guest speaker: Erica Rider from PayPal’s internal developer tools team on Oct 29th, 2020 at 10:00 PDT. Join now for free! During the webinar, Erica will share some DesignOps best practices and explain how to smoothly

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Creating A User Research Plan (with Examples) by UXPin

Every UX research plan should start with a solid outline. A UX research plan helps to set expectations and document the essentials you need to communicate to stakeholders and clients. Your company needs a strong business case for every user research session, complete with research objectives, goals, methods, and logistical needs for the study. Master

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