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Want to Convert Design To Code Heres A Better Way
Want to Convert Design To Code? Here’s A Better Way by UXPin

Whether creating a web page, Android app, or iOS app, most traditional designers start their work by creating static images with tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, and Photoshop. The designs might look aesthetically pleasing but they are not even close to being production-ready.  After the designing phase, you need to add interactions that will

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Improve Your UX Portfolio – Ask for a Review
Improve Your UX Portfolio – Ask for a Review by UXPin

Landing a UX design job often depends on the quality of your portfolio. It’s such an essential part of the hiring process that companies like uxfolio specialize in solutions for making online portfolios. No matter what tools you use to put your portfolio together, though, you only win jobs when you have excellent designs to

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How to Improve Your Product Design and Development Model copy 5
How to Write the Best Product Briefs by UXPin

Writing a product brief helps everyone involved in the development process to understand what the product is and why it was created and as a result, it helps in creating a good product. This document provides an ultimate source of knowledge on the product, ensuring that everyone has the same level of understanding. By putting

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Gifs make prototypes more engaging
Add GIFs to Your Prototypes to Build More Engaging Products by UXPin

Adding movement to your landing pages plays a role in improving engagement and increasing conversions. The benefits of movement aren’t limited to your landing pages, though. People feel more engaged with digital products that include any type of movement, including video, interactions, and GIFs. For many people, GIFs have become a fun way to respond

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How to create a rapid development process for your digital products
How to Create a Rapid Development Process for Digital Products: Lessons from PayPal by UXPin

Managers and efficiency experts have created several methodologies that promise to improve workflow. Some of the most popular frameworks include: Agile Waterfall Scrum Kanban Spiral model Each of these approaches has its pros and cons. Countless teams have benefited from Agile software development and the waterfall model. PayPal’s design department, however, faced a problem that

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