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8 Typography Tips for Designers: How to Make Fonts Speak by Loius Martin

Have you ever gotten annoyed with a website because the typography was illegible? Maybe it was an indecipherable handwriting font; maybe the letters were so tightly packed that they formed a dense mass of text; maybe the font size was very tiny. Whatever the reason, you left, and they blew their chance to communicate with

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All shipped: The 20 improvements that make UXPin 2.0 by Julia Haleniuk

A lot has happened over the last few months. We’ve shipped a total of 20 improvements and features that mark UXPin 2.0 – from rebuilt Layers and Pages to enhancements to Guides, and more. And since most of them had been requested by you, delivering it all makes us incredibly proud! Let us guide you

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New Pages Panel and UI Changes by Julia Haleniuk

After improving Layers last month, we’re excited to launch the improved Pages panel and a reorganized Top Bar. While Pages come with a set of features and performance improvements, the new Top Bar has now more space and keeps related things together. Pages and Layers in one panel Up until now, Layers and Pages were

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Improved Guides, Pencil Tool, and Adding Images in Bulk by Julia Haleniuk

While constantly working on more improvements, we wanted to take some time to share with you some other exciting product updates that are taking place. Upgrades to Guides, the Pencil Tool, and adding images in bulk are what has been shipped this time. Guides just got smarter Smart guides and guides are one of those

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Dark vs Light UI
5 Things to Know about Light and Dark UI by Olivia Diaz

“Should I go for the dark theme that might make my app look more cool and trendy, or should I choose the white one? Choosing the right interface for your product can be insanely tricky at times. And every time I try to figure out what’s the thinking behind it; my curiosity raises. To kick

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