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4 UI Animation Examples That Showcase Effective Individual Components by UXPin

When UI components don’t offer a visible change in response to a tap or click, users don’t always know whether the website or app is working. Think of an animated user interface that shows the progress of a file download. This basic example helps illustrate the importance of UI animations. You can, however, get much

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The 6 UX Methods That Proved to Be Effective in Driving Results by UXPin

Most designers want to create something beautiful, but beauty alone in the UI & UX world is not enough. If it doesn’t support the goals of your business or your clients – it just won’t last very long.. A product can only last when the client makes money from it. A UX that doesn’t drive

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How to Create a Wireframe: Step-by-Step Guide + Examples by UXPin

The user experience of a website often determines its success. As developers, creating a new website for clients means striving for results — not just a pretty picture. The wireframe focuses on this UX factor. It’s the first stage of website design, that focuses on functionality instead of graphics. It’s a crucial process that you

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How To Use Conceptual Models for Better UX and UI Design by UXPin

When you’re designing for a friendly user experience and user interface, you start with a concept. You have an idea of how it should work in the real world. You just need to communicate it to the rest of the design team. Welcome to the world of what we call Conceptual Models. In this article,

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