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ux design principles
UX Design Principles That Will Have Your Users Smiling by UXPin

There are many important UX design principles organizations must consider when building products. These UX principles complement the design thinking process, placing the user at the center of all decision-making. This article looks at 16 UX design principles organizations can use to build better products.  UXPin’s advanced prototyping and testing features allow design teams to

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How to create a product prototype and set your business for success
How to Create a Product Prototype and Set Your Business for Success by UXPin

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the services they pay for. In fact, a recent study by Microsoft reveals that 55% of respondents expect to see better CX year over year. The numbers are even higher when we look at customers under 34 and stands at 70%. Now,

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Design system governance
Design System Governance – Scale Your Design by UXPin

Some team members despise design system governance. They see it as a roadblock to rapid growth, creativity, and flexibility. However, design system governance can foster scalability and creativity if properly implemented while maintaining design and usability consistency. Good design system governance prioritizes users before growth and profits. Company culture also plays a significant role in

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How to Build and Manage An Effective Product Development Team
How to Build and Manage An Effective Product Development Team by UXPin

At the heart of every company, there is a critical function called product development that determines their long-term success. Regardless of what industry you operate in, your capacity to develop, validate, and bring new products to market is paramount. Research from the 280 Group showed that an optimized product development function on its own could

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What is UX Writing
What is UX Writing and Why You Need a UX Writer by UXPin

Nowadays, pretty much everyone knows what content writing is. But the same can’t be said about UX writing. And yet this new role within the product design team has become ever so important. So, what is UX writing, how does it fit into the design and product teams and what are the key principles of

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