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High Fidelity Prototyping vs Low Filedity Prototypes 1
High-Fidelity Prototyping vs. Low-Filedity Prototypes: Which to Choose When? by UXPin

Prototyping is an essential part of the UX design process. Prototypes allow designers to test design ideas and user flows before committing to the final product. Prototypes help validate what works but also expose missing elements and features. Without the prototyping phase, companies would waste precious resources iterating over the final product.  Low-fidelity prototypes allow

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DesignOps How to Improve Workflow
DesignOps – How to Improve Your Design Workflow and Operations by UXPin

With the fierce competition on the market, hiring top design talent is no easy feat. However, bringing a group of experienced, skilled people into one place is only part of success. Among others, to build a thriving product design team you must also invest in design operations (also known as DesignOps).  In this article, we’ll

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React Open Source Projects for Beginners
Best React Open-Source Projects for Beginners by UXPin

Of all the frameworks out there, React may be the best choice for beginners. React can do what other frameworks can, but it doesn’t obscure your code. It is easy to learn and equally easy to master, as opposed to some other frameworks which can sometimes be difficult to understand. Software development is one of

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Top 10 good website designs
Top 10 Good Website Designs by UXPin

Good website design must accomplish many functions—it’s an advertisement, but it’s also a tool. A website sells products and services, but it’s also a tool to acquire customers and educate users. All of these examples provide a service to the user, so a good website starts with a user-centered design. UXPin is a powerful collaborative

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Designing with parallax scrolling
Designing with Parallax Scrolling: The Do’s and Don’ts by UXPin

Parallax scrolling is a creative tool for designers to create 3D experiences on a two-dimensional screen. The parallax scrolling effect can add depth and dimension, giving the user an immersive, engaging experience—something brands constantly strive to achieve! What is Parallax Scrolling? Parallax scrolling is a web design technique where elements appear to be moving at

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