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How to Create Clickable Prototypes
How to Create Clickable Prototypes by UXPin

Interactive prototyping helps ensure that your product works exactly as you plan. If you cannot test your prototypes before releasing products to the public, you could receive unexpectedly negative feedback. Learn how to create clickable prototypes so you can control the narrative and keep your users coming back often. Interactive features have psychological effects on

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Why Your Team Needs to Take a Code Based Approach to Design
Why Your Team Needs to Take a Code-Based Approach to Design by UXPin

Traditionally, product designers have used image-based designs created with software that doesn’t communicate well with the programming that websites and mobile apps need. When your design team hands vector or raster graphics to the development team, the developers have to spend a lot of time finding ways to write code that creates attractive, functional features

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The Best Phone Mockup Design Patterns
The Best Phone Mockup Design Patterns by UXPin

The best phone mockup design patterns give you an easy way to present menus, features, and information to users. Ideally, a new user should intuitively know how to use your smartphone application just by looking at the design.

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The Secrets of Effective Design Teamwork
The Secrets of Effective Design Teamwork by UXPin

Today’s designs often require the work of multiple professionals who have experience in areas like graphic design, animation, and coding. Whether you have two people or two dozen people working on a project, perfecting your approach to team design will streamline your processes and lead to better results.

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Choosing a Color Palette for Your Project
Choosing a Color Palette for Your Project by UXPin

Somewhere between wireframing and prototyping, you need to choose a color palette for your design project. In some respects, your color palette matters just as much as the structure of your design. Given its importance, you don’t want to pick colors without careful consideration. 

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No need to learn code to be a code-based designer
You Can Become a Code-Based Designer Without Learning Code by UXPin

When you hear about code-based design as an emerging trend in digital apps development, you might experience a shudder of panic. You enjoy design images, and you learned how to use software common throughout the industry so you could get a job. Now, they want you to learn to write code! Knowing how to write

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