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10 error 404 page examples for UX design
10 Error 404 Page Examples for UX Design by UXPin

These 404 page examples show how designers can turn a simple computing error into a branded user experience (UX). The earliest models of personal computers had 64k RAM or less. Programmers needed to keep things simple. They developed a classification system for program functions. Input errors got assigned to class 400. 400 Bad Request. The

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What is a component library
What Is a Component Library and Why Should You Use One for UI Development? by UXPin

A component library is a pretty handy thing to have, especially if you need to scale fast. Take Netflix, Uber, and Twilio. They all leveraged speedy and impressive growth using design systems built from component libraries. And while some would argue the case for building their own as part of their enterprise design system, the

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How UX UI designers should write a design proposal
How UX/UI designers should write a design proposal by UXPin

The humble design proposal is, perhaps, the most crucial text a UX/UI designer will ever write. This document outlines your specific approach to the client’s design brief — what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. If successful, your proposal will become part of the contract you sign with the client.

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Does the Hamburger Menu Make Mincemeat of UX Design
Does the Hamburger Menu Make Mincemeat of UX Design? by UXPin

The hamburger menu looks as tasty as it sounds. It’s a design-cum-navigation element, now on almost all apps, that comprises three horizontal lines. It looks like a hamburger. Picture something like this: Bun, patty, bun. If you squint, it kind of looks like the Spotify logo: The UX designer’s hamburger menu saves time and space

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Adopting Design Systems in Enterprise with Johnson Johnson
Adopting Design Systems in Enterprise with Johnson & Johnson by UXPin

When any new leader walks into an enterprise with more than a century of history—as Johnson & Johnson does—they know they must adapt to some of the existing processes. Improvements in technology, however, have made it necessary for all corporate designers to turn processes into even more efficient methods. If you start a new job

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4 Testimonial Page Examples
4 Testimonial Page Examples for UX/UI Design by UXPin

These testimonial page examples will show you how to offer social proof of a product’s benefits. In other words, when you design a page that shows visitors the wonderful ways the product or service helped other customers, they’re more likely to believe that it can help them too. “Above the fold” is the part of

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