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What is Component Driven Prototyping
What is Component-Driven Prototyping? by UXPin

Component-driven prototyping is the next iteration of user experience design. Designers no longer design from scratch, and engineers write less code. The result? Better cross-functional collaboration, faster time-to-market, superior consistency, fewer errors, better testing, meaningful stakeholder feedback, and smoother design handoffs. Sound too good to be true? All of these benefits are possible and more

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Checklist to Track DesignOps Maturity
Checklist to Track DesignOps Maturity by UXPin

Maturing and scaling DesignOps is crucial for long-term success. But where do you start, what do you track, and how do you measure the right metrics? We took inspiration from the NN Group’s DesignOps Framework and questions from our UXPin Community to create a checklist template DesignOps practitioners can use to track and measure maturity.

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Material Design Icons
Material Design Icons – Building Blocks of Web and App Design by UXPin

Material Design is one of the most popular design systems. If you own an Android device, you use Material Design daily. Many companies use the Material Design System as a foundation for building mobile and web applications. The system’s comprehensive component library and resources, including Material Icons (now Material Symbols), give organizations and startups the

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9 examples of great app design according to experts
9 Experts Share Examples of Great App Design by UXPin

When you look at the apps that have hit thousands, if not millions of downloads (and boast thousands of happy reviews!), you might wonder: is there an ‘it’ factor they all share? Among others, whether an app has a high download and retention rate comes down to great app design. Namely, there are certain UI/UX

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interaction design
What is Interaction Design? by UXPin

Interaction design is one of the most critical facets of user experience design. It captivates and surprises users, promising them experiences uniquely responsive to their decisions and actions. Interaction design also allows designers to communicate with end-users, guiding them through a digital product as efficiently as possible to achieve the user’s goals. Interaction design is

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navigation ui
16 Timeless Web Navigation UI Patterns by UXPin

Navigation UI design plays a significant role in a website’s aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. Designers must design a navigation UI experience that benefits business and user needs. This article explores 16 web navigation patterns, with tips on applying these and when to use them. We also provide examples so you can model the success

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