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what is prototyping and handoff
How to Master App Prototyping and Handoff to Developers? by Khloe Hunter

Not many businesses can survive the first interaction with their customers. And when we speak of mobile app investors and stakeholders, they get a plethora of development pitches in their inboxes on a daily basis. But, if you have a clear understanding of how to prototype your mobile app you will have a competitive advantage

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Remote Work with UXPin
How Can You Master Remote Work with UXPin by Julia Haleniuk

Work from home, they said. It’s going to be great, they said. Love it or hate it, but remote work is more feasible now than ever. Since there is still a lot of stigma around working from home, we decided to show how UXPin helps master remote team collaboration. So fret not, designers who are

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See What’s New in UXPin 2.4 by Julia Haleniuk

UXPin 2.4 comes with the .uxp file import! You can now save your prototypes as .uxp files and import them to UXPin. To open a file, simply drag and drop it onto your UXPin project dashboard where your other prototypes are. The possibility to import and save .uxp files is especially useful when you want

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Women in Design. Interview for IWN 2020. by Katarzyna Kempa

As designers, it is our mission to fight for creative thinking, advocate equity and inclusivity, and cultivate change. The International Women’s Day seems like a good occasion to reflect on the amazing leap the industry took thanks to brave design people.  A lot has changed, but still, a lot of us are facing challenges caused

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voice first design
Voice First Design: A Movement Toward Voice-Based Interaction by Paul Osborne

With the rise of voice-controlled devices and interfaces around the world, catering to users with a design that focuses primarily on voice interactions has become essential. This is what remained to be the impetus behind voice-centric design. Now, from the voice-centric design, we are moving towards a voice-first design, which is more about giving priority

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New features and updates in UXPin 2.3 by Julia Haleniuk

UXPin 2.3 is here and it brings the new color picker, pages overview, and the possibility to spell check your text. We’ve also squashed over 100 improvements and fixes to make UXPin even better for you. Here’s what you can expect today, as well as what’s coming next. New color picker Today we introduce our

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