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Bringing Auto Layout to UXPin by UXPin

Exciting news in UXPin! From now on, you can design faster with our new feature – Auto Layout. Align all the components the way you want within seconds and speed up your design workflow.  At UXPin, our goal has always been to simplify design process and make sure designers have enough time to focus on

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How to get started with DesignOps
Research the Problem: How to Get Started with DesignOps by UXPin

If your organization is implementing DesignOps for the first time, it’s likely that something isn’t working. The first step is to identify the problems and bottlenecks design teams experience—exactly like you would during early research for your users! You’re about to read a rewritten chapter of our “DesignOps 101” ebook. Get it for free and

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uxpin merge new feature documentation
UXPin Merge Changelog: Component Documentation URL Tag by Robert Kirkman

Our Merge technology allows you to copy the ready JSX code of your UI code component. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the exact documentation for each component. See how you can do it quickly. Our solution to the challenge Design systems can have very complex, detailed, or hard-to-navigate documentation, so we wanted to reduce your

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Join Our Free Webinar “Measuring DesignOps’ Impact” by UXPin

Most designers are skilled craftsmen, not business people. Yet, they need to show business savviness, especially when talking with stakeholders, planning or scaling their work. Although learnable, such tasks waste a lot of time that could be used for designing. DesignOps can help with that. *** Update Nov 30, 2021 The webinar got rescheduled for

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How PayPal Scaled Their Design Process and Improved Consistency with UXPin Merge
How PayPal Scaled Their Design Process with UXPin Merge by UXPin

We’re always excited when we get feedback about how UXPin has improved our customer’s design experience. It’s even more special when that customer is one of the world’s largest digital payment platforms. We had the joy of sitting down with Erica Rider, Senior Manager for UX – Developer tools and platform experience at PayPal, and

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how to write a ux case study
How to Write an Engaging UX Case Study by UXPin

Would you believe that a good user experience case study has the potential to get your job application noticed in the eyes of recruiters in case you get that job interview? If you are all set to share your portfolio with the hiring managers, why not take the final plunge and include the element that

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