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How to create an effective app design process
How to Create an Effective App Design Process by UXPin

Without the right app design steps in place, it’s like rolling a dice and wishing for a six. Sure, the app you unleash into the marketplace may be a hit. More likely, it risks sinking without a trace because it didn’t appeal to the target audience and didn’t work the way it should.  Effective mobile

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ux design process
The Stages of UX Design Process by UXPin

Whether you’re building a SaaS application, website, game, or other digital product, developing an efficient UX design process is crucial to your project’s success. This systematic, iterative process ensures teams follow standard protocols to deliver projects consistently while meeting the organization’s quality standards. Improve your end-to-end UX design process with the world’s most advanced UX

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How to do a Service Safari 1
How to Do a Service Safari in 5 Easy Steps by UXPin

A service safari allows design teams better to understand competitors, users, and their own product. This service experience offers valuable insights for very little investment, making it an essential tool during the early stages of the design thinking process. This article looks at the pros and cons of a service safari, how to plan and

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responsive design
Guide to Responsive Design – 8 Easy Steps by UXPin

In a world filled with an extensive range of devices and different screen sizes, it’s safe to say that responsive design is design. Organizations cannot afford to build any website or application for a single device or screen size because they’ll lose out to a competing product that’s more accommodating to more users. This step-by-step

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Parsing Props for UXPin Merge Controls
Parsing Props for UXPin Merge Controls by Anthony Hand

Our friend from PayPal, Anthony Hand, decided to share how to make designers’ lives easier using parsing props with UXPin Merge.  Merge is UXPin’s revolutionary technology that helps you import and sync your dev’s UI components from the component library in the design tool. You can bring the components via Storybook integration or Git repository.

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