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The Basic Principles of User Interface Design by UXPin

A good user interface is critical to a good user experience. If the interface doesn’t allow people to easily use the website or app, they won’t use the product or they’ll overwhelm tech support with costs, ballooning costs. UI has real, tangible business impacts. Paying attention to it isn’t window dressing, it’s crucial to a

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Website Structure 101 with Examples by UXPin

According to a study on health sites, 94% of first impressions are design-related. If you don’t have a defined website structure, you may lose users to the websites with well-thought-out UI. The look and feel of a website significantly impact a user’s perception of credibility and trustworthiness. A website structure helps users to navigate sites

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Paper Prototyping
Paper Prototyping: The 10-Minute Practical Guide by UXPin

In the high-tech digital UX design world, pen and paper can still be the preferred choices for fast low-fidelity prototyping. Contrary to assumptions, UX teams spend a lot of time away from the computer, writing on sticky notes, whiteboards, notepads, and adding annotations to paper prototypes. The more planning and preparation designers can do before

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What Is a Prototype
What is a Prototype? A Guide to Functional UX by UXPin

A prototype is an early model or simulation of a product used to test and validate ideas before full-scale production. Prototypes vary in fidelity from simple sketches of a user interface to fully interactive digital models that resemble the final product. They serve to gather user feedback, identify usability issues, and refine design concepts, helping

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