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Top 5 prototyping tools 1
Top 5 Prototyping Tools for 2022 by UXPin

With so many options available, choosing a UX prototyping tool can be overwhelming and confusing – they all seem to do the same thing, right? For the most part, yes. But when you start comparing code-based design tools with their image-based counterparts, there are noticeable differences – primarily with prototyping, functionality, and fidelity. We’re going

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How to Turn Your Design System into an NPM package
How to Turn Your Design System into an npm Package? by UXPin

Merge’s npm integration gives design teams more control to import fully functional component libraries from the npm registry. The benefit of designing prototypes with a component library is designers get full functionality and fidelity without writing a single line of code! If you’re unsure what any of this “npm stuff” means, don’t worry, this article

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Dashboards vs Data Reports
Dashboards vs. Data Reports – Which is Better For Your User? by UXPin

Many designers ask when trying to come up with the best way of presenting data: Are we designing a dashboard or report user interface? As with everything in product development and UX design, it depends on the user’s needs! Understanding the difference between dashboards vs reports is crucial for presenting the right data visualization to

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the ux honeycomb
UX Honeycomb – 7-Factor Design Framework for Great User Experience by UXPin

Peter Morville’s User Experience Honeycomb has been around since 2004 and is still a highly relevant design framework for modern product development projects. The framework forces design teams to evaluate a product through seven facets of user experience to identify areas for improvement. This article provides an overview of the UX Honeycomb and the circumstances

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Web accessibility checklist
Web Accessibility Checklist – 28 Points You Must Comply With by UXPin

There are loads of web accessibility guidelines designers and engineers must follow when designing a website or application. It can be overwhelming to digest them all or know when to use the different levels.  This article simplifies the official web content accessibility guidelines with a web accessibility checklist for designers. We also explain the difference

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Designing Car Interfaces
Automotive UX UI Basics – Designing Car Interfaces by UXPin

Automotive UX is one of the most rapidly evolving and exciting user experience disciplines. It requires designers to shift their thinking from keeping users engaged to designing for safety. This article explores the exciting world of automotive UX and six key challenges designers must overcome to deliver safe yet enjoyable driving experiences. Design, prototype, test,

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Turn Figma Designs into Interactive Prototypes
Turn Figma Designs into Interactive Prototypes by UXPin

After more than a decade of research and development, UXPin has surpassed design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD to create an end-to-end design solution with advanced prototyping, which, traditionally, designers could only achieve if they had an engineering background.   Where these image-based tools have evolved to offer design teams a better user experience,

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