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2020 design trends
2020 Design Trends by UXPin

From hip logos, fonts, and colors to computational design, the changes in the design jobs landscape, inclusive design, and much more. This is more or less what we discussed with a bunch of amazing designers from all around the world in our new YouTube series of 2020 Design Trends interviews.  In reality, 2020 is just

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Top Tips To Design UX Text for Mobile Apps by Stella Meadows

When you are designing your app, you want to make sure not to gloss over your UX text design. Text copy is a key component of how users will utilize your app, and poor UX text can frustrate them and turn them away. Below are 9 fundamental tips on UX design that will enhance your

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Top software and hardware recommended by designers in 2019 by Katarzyna Kempa

The end of the year is a good time for summaries, recommendations, and plans for the future. You’ve probably spent some time using a lot of different types of tools – both software and hardware. Some of them might have made your life miserable, others might have become good candidates to your usual toolset. Some

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Top books, movies, and series recommended by designers in 2019 by Katarzyna Kempa

The Holiday season is upon us. A time of eating, relaxing, meeting family and friends, netflixing and chilling. Perhaps this year you’ll find a moment to just lay on your sofa and do nothing else but watch the motion pictures in front of you. Maybe a New Year’s Eve with a good book awaits you.

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How to Create Hi-Fi Prototypes for Mobile Commerce Apps by Karolina Sposob

When talking about prototypes we think about a simulation of the final product that is an essential part of every designer’s work. In a nutshell, prototypes can express ideas that words struggle to. Prototyping is an important part of all stages throughout the design process and your designer should do it as early and often

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