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product thinking
What is Product Thinking and Why it Matters? by UXPin

Product thinking is where UX design and product management intersect to deliver outcomes that create value for the organization and its users. There are several frameworks for product thinking, but the underlying concept is always the same–finding a problem-solution fit with clear goals and measurable KPIs for a successful product. Whether you’re a startup or

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6 Design Culture Examples and How to Create Your Own by UXPin

The design culture examples in this article demonstrate how design-driven companies create positive customer experiences and enhance overall business success. Creating a good design culture starts with understanding user needs, encouraging collaboration between departments, experimenting with new ideas, investing in the right tools, and developing design team rituals. Examples from J&J, PayPal, Rexlabs, Google, Revolut,

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what are the most common problems in website design
8 Most Common Problems in Website Design by UXPin

With so many variables to manage, website design problems often creep in, resulting in a poor user experience and adverse effects on SEO (search engine optimization). Designers and engineers must collaborate to prevent these common web design problems so users can find content and complete tasks with minimal effort. We’ve identified 8 common web design

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design system components 1
10 Essential Design System Components by UXPin

Design systems cannot exist without a reusable component library. These design system components create workflow and UI consistency across design and development to minimize drift and streamline handoffs. But these UI components don’t simply appear. The design system team must first lay the foundation for these UI elements to exist, including design language (design principles)

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constraints in design
7 Constraints in Design and How to Overcome Them by UXPin

Whether you work in an early-stage startup or a multinational enterprise, design constraints limit or influence design projects and the desired output.  The first step is acknowledging these limitations and that they constrain UX designers from delivering great design outcomes. Understanding and managing design constraints will minimize adverse effects or eliminate issues altogether. Eliminate prototyping

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design brief
How to Write a Good Design Brief? [+ Templates] by UXPin

A design brief is crucial in guiding the design process toward a successful outcome where designers meet client/stakeholder expectations. A good design brief can avoid costly scope creep, missed deadlines, poor communication, and inferior results. Enhance your design projects with the world’s most advanced collaborative design tool. Create high-fidelity prototypes that look and feel like

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