• From Style Guide to Interactive Design System in Enterprise

    • Ben Shectman Senior Manager Experience Design

    Learn how Johnson and Johnson’s Experience Design Team created and manages their Design System in line with Atomic Design principles. Discover the best design practices to adopt in your enterprise. Join our webinar to see J&J’s Design System examples.

  • 11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit

    • Piotr Źrołka Accessibility Expert and CEO of Kinaole

    Get accessibility design insights from Piotr Źrołka, Accessibility Expert, UX Strategist, and CEO of Kinaole! Learn how to create designs that meet the needs of all your users – especially those who have disabilities like low vision, color blindness, and blindness.

  • Scale design efficiently with DesignOps2.0

    • Erica Rider Developer Tools UX Design Lead at PayPal

    Watch our webinar in which we shine a light on the evolution of DesignOps2.0. Discover how to transform your design process and empower your team with an end-to-end product development lifecycle.

  • Advanced Prototyping with States

    • Natalie Phanphengdy Product onboarding specialist at UXPin

    With States from UXPin, you can easily design advanced prototypes with animated components. It’s time to start thinking out of the box and dream big; the possibilities with States are endless!

  • Test, Learn, Change: Mobile UX Best practices and Learnings From 600+ Audits

    • Anna Potanina User Experience & Conversions Specialist

    Based on the last 4+ years of experience as a member of the Google mWeb UX team, Anna Potanina will talk about the best UX design practices for mobile and the web. She will also share her previous experience and ideas in terms of A/B testing. On top of that, she will elaborate on all other everyday challenges of Conversion Rate Optimization and will stress the importance of the mindset and culture change within the company, both equally necessary to succeed on mobile.

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