Creating a Library

If you want to integrate your own React.js components with UXPin Merge, you're in the right place! This Wiki page walks you through the process of integrating your repository and testing it with UXPin Merge.

We prepared two step-by-step guides:

  • Start with a Boilerplate Repo – perfect for your first steps in the world of Merge Technology. Even if you're not too familiar with JavaScript, you'll be able to launch our dev environment and a sample design system.
  • Integrating Your Own Components - advanced tutorial focused on the integration of your own components with Merge. It's good if you already have experience with modern Javascript.


  1. What approaches to CSS are supported?
    Merge is CSS agnostic. You can use pure CSS, Sass, Less, Styled Components, Emotion... it doesn't really matter. UXPin Merge is rendering a compiled version of JS and CSS.
  2. Can you use Web Components or Angular?
    Right now Merge supports only React.js. You may experiment with React wrappers for Web Components or Angular. We've managed to successfully integrate RMWC design system which consists of React.js wrappers for web components.