Bringing a crazy design idea from prototyping to real-life with confidence

Do you want to find out how to simulate millions of virtual users that interact with a site from different locations on a single screen? You can get behind the scenes and discover all the insights about it in our recently published success story from Nitzan Ron of BlazeMeter.

Ron recalls having tested numerous solutions, from dynamic pie charts to vertical charts – none of them were good enough for what he intended to design in the first place. He wanted to present the concept of statuses with waves – moving, dynamic, and changing all the time in a non-linear way. Guess what? UXPin turned out to be the perfect solution to prototype such a concept! He achieved the desired effect with only two features, states, and interactions, on a single page without the need to duplicate each wave numerous times. The final outcome created a really unprecedented “wow” effect – read all about it now!

Prototype made in UXPin


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