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Introducing UXPin Community on Spectrum

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 30th April, 2019

UXPin community on Spectrum

Today we’re super excited to break the news about our UXPin Community on Spectrum! It’s the long-awaited place where you can talk to our team, exchange tips to hone your UXPin skills, share your thoughts and make feature requests. On top of that, our customer support, product, and development teams are there to answer your questions.

We’ve started by answering what we think are the most popular questions you may ask:

How can I join UXPin Community?
To join, go to and create an account with Twitter, Facebook, Google or Github. Or click the help icon in the UXPin app:

Is UXPin Community supported by the UXPin team?
Our customer support team, as well as product and development teams, will be taking an active part in the community and answering questions.

What kind of information can I find on UXPin Community?
You can read all previous discussions, product announcements, check tips & tricks, and get answers to your questions.

Join UXPin Community now!

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