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UXPin in San Francisco. Part #3: Chris Baum

Marcin Treder
By Marcin Treder on 1st May, 2012 Updated on 22nd April, 2020

Coffee Bar USA

After couple of very busy weeks, finally I have time to tell you next part of our San Francisco Story. I started to miss recalling UXPin’s awesome startup mission in USA and sharing it with you guys!

Let’s go back to March 20th.

Excited after meeting with Brandon Schauer (Adaptive Path) we were rushing through the city to another important meeting. Meeting with Chris Baum – Editor-in-Chief of Boxex and Arrows, respected consultant, experienced UX Designer and Information Architect. We just couldn’t wait to meet with Chris. He was about to reveal us his secret UX+IA process sauce and discuss how UXPin could accelerate help to UX Designers all over the world.

We were not disappointed.

Our meeting took place in Coffee Bar USA (1890 Bryant Street). Excellent location that you should definitely check out and have some fresh orange juice and mind-blowing sandwich. Be warned though: it looks like „mac only” place. I didn’t spot single PC there and about 20 people were working in front of their computers. We actually felt great about it ;).

After quick UXPin pitch something clicked between us. Chris understood what we’re trying to achieve and immediately soaked in into UXPin world. It was super lovely.

Chris deeply understand that UX Design is a process (not mere wireframing/prototyping activity). Kind of continuum in which we’re using different methods to reach perfect, engaging, user experience.

I was impressed when Chris started to sketch diagram of his design process. He truly cares about Information Architecture. Well thought structure lies at the core of his designs.

After one hour of constant conversation we had minds full of new ideas worth validating.

Chris – thank you!

After this meeting we’ve started to realize what Silicon Valley is all about: help and energy. We’ve received both in following two weeks.

Till next time friends!

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