Women in Design. Interview for IWN 2020.

interviews by UXPin about inclusive design for IWD 2020

As designers, it is our mission to fight for creative thinking, advocate equity and inclusivity, and cultivate change. The International Women’s Day seems like a good occasion to reflect on the amazing leap the industry took thanks to brave design people. 

A lot has changed, but still, a lot of us are facing challenges caused by bias across social, ethnic, and economic groups. Stereotypical gender patterns are still mirrored in a lot of workplaces. However, there’s a big chance we’ll be seeing them disappearing because the discussion about inclusive design and diversity is gaining momentum.

In UXPin, as design and prototyping tool providers, we’re all for inclusive design and accessibility (check out our latest accessibility feature!). That’s why we thought we should take a stand and inspire the ones who are still looking to find their voice. 

A lot of things can be achieved in a community. And the community values are strengthened by elevating voices from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Let’s cultivate organic networks by empowering talented and hard-working teammates or showcasing inspirational examples of people who made it. 

This March, we’ll be sharing interviews with amazing designers (who also happen to be women). The idea is to share ways to make a positive impact on the design industry by showing that hard work goes a long way and that we all thrive in supportive environments. 

Watch the first interview now and subscribe to UXPin’s YouTube channel to make sure you never miss a thing! 

by Katarzyna Kempa on 11th March, 2020

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