Mobile UI Design Patterns

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A deeper look at the hottest apps today. 46 carefully picked UI design patterns illustrated and explained. Concise, pragmatic and free.

  • don't reinvent the wheel while you can look up design solutions proven by the best
  • carefully picked 46 mobile UI design patterns, over 100 pages
  • concise and pragmatic: illustrated example, user problem and design solution. Period.
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  • Chris Bank

    Chris Bank

    Chris Bank is the growth lead @UXPin. He also led growth @Lettuce (acquired by Intuit), @MyFit (acquired by Naviance), and his own startup @Epostmarks (USPS strategic partner), and launched @Kaggle in the B2B tech vertical. In his downtime, he rock climbs, motorcycles, designs apps, travels, and reads. Visit my website and Follow me on Twitter.

  • Waleed Zuberi

    Waleed Zuberi

    Waleed Zuberi is passionate about creating better user experiences through thoughtful design. When he's not writing or pushing pixels on the web, he enjoys biking, playing cricket and binge-watching TV.  Visit his website and follow him on Twitter.