Merge Design System Documentation

One of the ways to minimize design debt is to keep the design system documentation in check. To help you centralize all the information about your UI libraries and their coded components, we’ve released Merge Design System Documentation. It helps you get to know about all the components in the code-based library, recreate component versions, and share the use cases of using each element.

Connecting Design System

To auto-generate the documentation of the code-based design library, first, you need to connect it with the Design System in UXPin. 

You can do that in two different ways:

  1. Go to the Design System and pick Merge category on the left. Choose your Merge library from the drop-down list to auto-generate the documentation.
  2. Go to the editor and choose the library. Open library settings ⚙️ and Connect with the Design System. Select the Design System you want or add a new one.  

All the components, their versions, properties, and descriptions that are in the code will be reflected in the documentation. 

The Merge Design System Documentation is available for Git integration.

Editing information

You can edit and add all the information and names in the auto-generated documentation. If you want to change not only the documentation but also the components’ properties and descriptions, go to Merge Component Manager.