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UXPin Changelog May 2018 #8

Paweł Wakuła
By Paweł Wakuła on 29th May, 2018

In May, we’ve focused on the improvements for Design Systems and UXPin Editor. We’ve also released a new version of a Desktop App (1.1). Details below.

Editor and Preview

  • [New] Line element.Line element UXPin
  • [new] Pen Tool – drag with Shift locks x/y axis. Pen tool used for shifting
  • [new] Pen Tool – pressing Shift adds a node in the middle of the path. Pen tool other actions UXPin
  • [new] Pen Tool – double-clicking on nodes creates a circle. Pen tool double clicking
  • [new] Set element rotation to any angle (including negative and > 360° values).  
  • [new] Possibility to group a single element and a single group to organize all layers typesGrouping layers
  • [fixed] Pasting elements multiple times using shortcuts wasn’t working.
  • [fixed] Symbols were refreshed on Preview inconsistently.
  • [fixed] Incorrect position of the element pasted inside a symbol.

Design Systems

  • [new] Support for emojis in DS documentation.
  • [fixed] Design System tile on Dashboard wasn’t refreshed after updating colors.
  • [fixed] JSON wasn’t generated for some Design Systems.

Desktop App v1.1

  • [new] Option to copy a Preview link from the top bar menu (Windows/Copy Link to Preview).
  • [new] Manage application windows from the dock/taskbar.
  • [new] More options added to the top bar menu.
  • [new] Options in the top bar menu are displayed depending on the area of UXPin (Editor/Preview/Dashboard/Design Systems).
  • [new] Minimal initial size of the window based on the screen resolution.
  • Other bug fixes and small visual improvements.

If you’re interested what we released in April, please check out Changelog 2018 #7.

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