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UXPin Changelog May 2018 #8

Paweł Wakuła
By Paweł Wakuła on 29th May, 2018 Updated on 20th June, 2018

In May, we’ve focused on the improvements for Design Systems and UXPin Editor. We’ve also released a new version of a Desktop App (1.1). Details below.

Editor and Preview

  • [New] Line element. 
  • [new] Pen Tool – drag with Shift locks x/y axis. 
  • [new] Pen Tool – pressing Shift adds a node in the middle of the path.  
  • [new] Pen Tool – double-clicking on nodes creates a circle. 
  • [new] Set element rotation to any angle (including negative and > 360° values). 
  • [new] Possibility to group a single element and a single group to organize all layers types
  • [fixed] Pasting elements multiple times using shortcuts wasn’t working.
  • [fixed] Symbols were refreshed on Preview inconsistently.
  • [fixed] Incorrect position of the element pasted inside a symbol.

Design Systems

  • [new] Support for emojis in DS documentation.
  • [fixed] Design System tile on Dashboard wasn’t refreshed after updating colors.
  • [fixed] JSON wasn’t generated for some Design Systems.

Desktop App v1.1

  • [new] Option to copy a Preview link from the top bar menu (Windows/Copy Link to Preview).
  • [new] Manage application windows from the dock/taskbar.
  • [new] More options added to the top bar menu.
  • [new] Options in the top bar menu are displayed depending on the area of UXPin (Editor/Preview/Dashboard/Design Systems).
  • [new] Minimal initial size of the window based on the screen resolution.
  • Other bug fixes and small visual improvements.

If you’re interested what we released in April, please check out Changelog 2018 #7.

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Paweł Wakuła

by Paweł Wakuła

Paweł Wakuła is Program Manager at UXPin, The Full-Stack UX Design Platform. Since joining UXPin in 2015, he has led projects in Poland and Silicon Valley. Previously, he worked on projects for major telecommunication and software development companies in Poland. He holds M.Eng. in Telecommunication and MSc in Finance and Economic Analysis.

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