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UXPin + JIRA: One continuous workflow for designers and developers

Jerry Cao
By Jerry Cao on 11th September, 2017

Designers and developers might think and work differently, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect their processes together

That’s why our major updates in the past few months have all focused on unifying design and development:

  • Spec Mode (Oct. 2016): Auto-generate specs, CSS, and style guides for any design in Sketch or UXPin. Eliminates manual redlining for handing designs off to developers.
  • Freeflow Documentation (Jan. 2017): Pin documentation to elements in your design so team members can see the rationale behind product decisions. No more shuffling between design and 100-page requirements documents.
  • Design Systems (June 2017): Create consistency in design and documentation everywhere. Design systems libraries give everyone a single language and toolkit for design patterns and code snippets. Updates to design system documentation syncs to all projects.

Now with JIRA integration, you can visually illustrate requirements and keep the team updated on your design work right in JIRA.

Thanks to our collaboration with Atlassian you can preview your prototypes in the JIRA issue and access the design documentation and specifications.

UXPin and JIRA integration

How it works

The process is pretty simple for bringing UXPin prototypes into JIRA:

1. Install the free UXPIN for JIRA app to your team’s account, or request your JIRA account owner to install it.

2. After installation, copy and paste your UXPin preview link into your JIRA issue. The UXPin prototype will appear as a thumbnail.

3. Now you can preview the prototype in the JIRA issue, and access the documentation and specifications by clicking the tabs.

UXPin prototypes you see in JIRA (and the documentation and spec links) are always updated to the latest version. It’s just another way we’re bringing designers and developers closer together.

You can download the app in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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