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UXPin 2.0 initiative is in full swing and we thought it’s a good time our CEO spoke about the process. That’s why we decided to host a live webinar with Marcin Treder on YouTube to discover what he found most exciting about our road so far. You can watch the video in full below:

UXPin’s presence on YouTube will be growing more and more with each coming month. Not only have we decided to open up our library of fantastic webinars with top experts from the industry, but also decided that we want to communicate with you more often Live in a very visual way.

Virtual Summit 2019

The next step we want to take in our journey is to invite you to our Virtual Summit that will take place on November 19th on our YouTube channel. If you want to secure your spot and be notified about the event you can subscribe by navigating to our dedicated page:

“A good product isn’t just about features” – the motto behind the conference is not just an empty phrase for us. We have dedicated ourselves to improve how you experience our tool, as an addition to how feature-rich it is.

If you want to learn more about why we decided to embark on the UXPin 2.0 journey and what has happened so far, you can take a look at our list of posts that will explain everything in more detail:

UXPin is not your average prototyping tool for linking static screens or artboards with transitions. It gives you everything needed to design prototypes that work as if they were the finished product. Give us a try:

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by UXPin on 25th October, 2019

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