DesignOps Pillar: How We Work Together

Get actionable insights on structuring, managing, and growing a stellar design team with advice from top DesignOps leaders at Salesforce, Visa, Roche, and Citrix who will guide you through the first pillar of design operations.
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Get key insights about:

  • Planning team structure
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Creating an inspiring work environment
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"The biggest oxymoron in Design Ops is that we always put people over process. Design Ops is sometimes seen as the ‘process team,’ but processes and programs are just a means to an end."
John Calhoun
Senior Director of Design Operations
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Build the first DesignOps pillar

According to the NN group, DesignOps has 3 strategic areas. The first of them is “How We Work Together,” and that’s what constitutes the first pillar of design operations.

DesignOps is a service to the people working in the organization. It takes care of designers and their well-being.
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"From the culture we craft, to how we collaborate, to how we grow, we strive to build a collective of happy and thriving team members, by Design."
Carla Casariego
Head of Global Strategic Design Operations
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    John Calhoun

    Senior Director of Design Operations at Salesforce

    Passionate about managing People, Products, and Projects. He was drawn to Design Operations, because it enables design teams to do great work and live great lives.

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    Carla Casariego

    Head of Global Strategic Design Operations at Visa

    An experienced technology leader focused on Design Program Management and Design Operations. Passionate about facilitating change, strengthening connections, and driving better processes and culture.

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    Jochen Wolters

    Sr. Principal UX Designer

    Seasoned professional focused on UX strategy and interaction design. Thrives on collaborating in, and across, highly diverse teams. As a self-proclaimed process nerd, he also leads his team's DesignOps efforts.

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    Michelle Chin

    Principal DesignOps Manager at Citrix

    A DesignOps Manager with roots in UX, product design, and design management. Outside of work, she loves introducing people to UX and coaching people in their design careers.

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    Lisa Apers

    Senior Product Designer at Dixa

    A digital product designer with a vast experience in app, web and brand design. She loves to continuously question the status quo and rethink the way she works.

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    Frances Yllana

    Senior Manager of Design Operations at Coforma

    A seasoned Design Leader who has dedicated her career to making everyone’s job easier and more fulfilling, while empowering them with the tools and resources to do their best work possible.


  • Organize

    Dive deep into designing an excellent team that reflects the needs of the organization and promotes a healthy, balanced, and inspiring work environment.

  • Collaborate

    Learn how to facilitate great collaboration in your team and establish ground rules for working together, so every member feels comfortable and competent about their work.

  • Humanize

    Recognize how to enable remarkable performance and spur growth in your team. Get hiring, onboarding, and career planning tips to create the best work experience.

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