Importing from Sketch to UXPin

Move from Sketch Sketch to UXPin

Breathe new life into your designs. Take them from static artboards to beautifully interactive prototypes with ease.

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Open Sketch files on Windows or Mac, even if you don’t have Sketch.


Co-design in real time

Work with your team simultaneously and watch as they edit the design, just like in Google Docs.


Always up to date

Keep your designs always up to date. Any changes you make are automatically synced.

Edit text and shapes

After the import, you can edit any text and any shape exactly as you wish.

Image of Editable Text Shapes
Icon of Edit Text


Edit every imported text the way you want. Change the font, size, color and more — just like you’ve done before.

Icon of Edit Shapes


Manipulate every imported shape down to a single point or curve. Use the Pen tool to create new shapes with the same ease as in Sketch.

Image of Editable Text Shapes

Create fully interactive prototypes

Prototypes in UXPin are the real deal — create interactive forms, get every animation just right, and add media. But take it even further — capture data from inputs and reuse across the prototype.

Icon of Transitions


Enhance your prototypes with built-in page transitions, choose from numerous options and speed up your work.

Icon of Input

Interactive form elements

Use interactive text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons and say goodbye to their static imitations.

Icon of Video & Audio

Video and Audio

Add multimedia and control them with interactions. Place videos and use sound to make your prototype strikingly real.

Icon of States


Design different versions of any element and animate between them. Update properties between states with just one click.

Collaborate in context

Share your work, get and leave contextual feedback. In UXPin, you're always working in one source-of-truth.

Image of Collaboration
Icon of Discuss

Discuss & comment

Send a link to your prototype and get feedback on any part of your design. Keep any updates always in sync.

Icon of Approval

Approval request

Share links with stakeholders — they can approve or reject the project with a click as well as give feedback.

Image of Collaboration

Better developer and design workflow

UXPin takes you from hand-off to handshake. Collaboration is an essential part of the design process so all specs are just a click away.

Image of Design Hand-Off
Icon of Code

Redline, assets, code

Inspect the UI for its details in one place. Always up to date.

Icon of StyleGuide

Style guide

UXPin grabs all colors, fonts, and assets and lists them in one neat Style guide.

Image of Design Hand-Off

There's much more

Icon of Accessibility


Automatically check every text with the WCAG contrast standards and simulate various forms of color-blindness.

Icon of Mirror

Mirror App

Preview your prototypes on mobile devices as they update live with every change.

Icon of Conditionals

Conditional Logic

Add a layer of logic to your prototypes. Set rules that make the interaction happen only if those rules are met.

Icon of Variables


Dynamically update text elements, capture data from inputs or store user preferences to use later on your prototype.

Icon of Expressions


Use form validation, create computational components like shopping carts, or check if a password meets specified criteria

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