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Improve the speed and consistency of your design process with the new Merge feature – Patterns, which makes building and reusing new components or their variants a breeze. Experiment with new UI elements while staying in line with what’s feasible, expand your design system, or save time on setting the same properties over and over again.

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Why Should You Try UXPin Merge?

UXPin Merge is a powerful technology for bringing code components into UXPin’s design editor. Design teams can use fully functional elements and build interactive prototypes with them. The teams that use UXPin Merge have found that it helped them achieve a higher maturity of their design system as well as scale design even if their designers were seriously outnumbered by developers.

We’re constantly evolving Merge, working on the ways designers can bring components to UXPin or use them in the editor. We’ve just launched Patterns – a feature that allows you to build and keep complex components inside UXPin.

Build a Robust Design Library at Speed

Aside from importing a code component library to UXPin via Storybook, Git or NPM package, you can have a design library in UXPin with predefined UI components that you quickly reuse in your prototypes.

The new Merge feature makes you a way more productive designer, helps you scale your design system, and allows you to try out new components that are not yet coded. Now it’s way easier to:

  • Save and reuse variants and properties of your components.
  • Combine your Merge components into bigger, more advanced elements.
  • Create and share new components with predefined presets that are not yet in code.

Patterns acts as a standard UXPin library, but it allows you to go beyond atoms and basic components into more complex ones. You can also mix Merge with Classic components and try out new elements without asking developers to code them first.

How Can You Use Patterns?

Patterns is exclusive for Merge users and it works with all Merge integrations, that is Git repository, Storybook, and NPM package.

See UXPin’s docs and read the instructions on how to use Patterns.

Patterns is available on trial with the Storybook integration. Experience the speed and swiftness of using code components in your design process, try UXPin for free.

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by UXPin on 28th June, 2022

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