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Reach ultimate UI consistency and design faster than ever before.
Connect with Git repo and leverage the most efficient product development process.

What is Merge Git integration?

Bring React and Web Components from any Git repository to UXPin design tool. Connect with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and more. Create prototypes with the highest functional fidelity possible – without knowing how to code.

Single source of truth for
for everyone

Move your Design Systems out of the silos and work more closely with your development team. Keep all your components unified on the design and code level and speed up your product development process with ultimate UI consistency.

Single source of truth for<br> for everyone
Make your UI cohesive  <br>from A to Z

Make your UI cohesive
from A to Z

Design with reusable and customizable components that remain consistent throughout the whole development process. Build prototypes that will never drift from the end product.

Build and scale <br>your design process

Build and scale
your design process

Remove the constraints of image-based design from your workflow. Hand over fully functional prototypes and UI components with code that your devs can just copy and paste.

Speed up your product <br>development

Speed up your product

Build your products up to 10x faster than your competitors. Remove all the back-and-forths between design and development. Accelerate your product launches and be the first to market.

Level of interactivity
like never before

Stop wasting time on pixel-pushing tug o' war with your developers. Merge and its power of code give you fully interactive components that make your prototypes feel like the actual end product. Now you can conduct valuable user testing with life-like scenarios!

Level of interactivity <br> like never before

"We synced our Microsoft Fluent design system with UXPin's design editor via Merge technology. It was so efficient that our 3 designers were able to support 60 internal products and over 1000 developers."

Erica Rider
Erica Rider
UX Architect and Design Leader

Fits your product
development workflow

Bring components from your own UI library or import any open-source design system like Material Design, Carbon, or Fluent. Simplify your workflow with a single source of truth for the whole team. Maintain the parity between prototypes and production environment.

Fits your product<br> development workflow
Leverage React and <br>Web Components

Leverage React and
Web Components

Easily switch between UI themes, go fully responsive, or customize your components in any other way you want. The only limit is your imagination.

Simplify handoff for <br> better collaboration

Simplify handoff for
better collaboration

Go for functional designs, not static images. Speak the same language across teams and share prototypes with specs, documentation, and code which is ready for front-end development.

Manage UI with <br>Version Control

Manage UI with
Version Control

Easily manage designs across all teams and projects. Choose to update your UI components automatically or switch your library versions by hand with the help of Branches and Tags.

White-glove onboarding with
Merge specialists

Take a deep dive into Git integration with the help of our stellar Onboarding Team. Get comprehensive training and proactive assistance at every step of your setup. Join the community, customized workshops, and 1-1 guidance to make sure all your needs are carefully handled.

White-glove onboarding with <br>Merge specialists

Learn more about different ways to integrate your UI components

There's more than one way to bring a component library to Merge. Check the other supported integration types.

Centralize your
design process

Simplify your development process – try UXPin Merge today and release digital products faster.

Centralize your<br>design process