See what’s new in UXPin 2.2

We’re back with a roundup of new features, and we’re very excited about all that is yet to come this year. This release brings all-new grids, color labels for pages and access to your recent prototypes right from the editor. All topped off with over 100 fixes and improvements.

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New Grids are on the Block

You now have three types of grids to choose from and apply in your projects: column, baseline, and square. Define the right structure, hierarchy, and rhythm in your design and take the guesswork out of many aspects of your design process. Get griddy with it! See how it works in Docs.

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Access to Recent Prototypes from the Editor

We know that until now switching between projects took far too many steps — open the Dashboard, go back to projects, open the project, choose the prototype, and so on. That’s why we’ve decided to make switching between prototypes easier and faster, by adding the possibility to access up to five recently opened prototypes. Just click on the down arrow in the top left corner of the Editor.

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Color Labels for Pages

After introducing color labels for layers, we’ve pretty much been snowed under questions and requests to enable this feature for pages. And we did it! Right click on a page to get an option to add a color label. See more in Docs.

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Here’s a list of selected improvements:


  • A number of improvements that make working with the font select smoother and easier.
  • We renamed the Fonts Management to Font Library.
  • You can now adjust the font size, line height, and letter spacing with shortcuts.
  • The text no longer blinks when switching fonts.


  • Shapes, lines, and arrows that have Bézier curves or 2 points don’t have the radius option available.
  • Rectangles and rounded rectangles will have radius available for all edges.
  • On various zoom levels, Pen tool paths are always 1px.

Pages and Layers

  • You can now use emojis in page, prototype, and project names.
  • We’ve increased the time for undoing deleted pages from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Duplicated pages appear below the last duplicated element.

Editor and more

  • The swipe gesture no longer exists the editor.
  • We’ve updated the names of a few interaction triggers and actions.


Check out all the fixes we smashed this time:


  • The “Open in New Tab” option for pages would always open the default breakpoint, instead of the active one.
  • Custom breakpoints were not visible in canvas properties.
  • Adding more than 8 breakpoints would make the Properties panel disappear from the viewport.


  • Enabling auto-size for Boxes displayed the wrong values in the padding inputs.
  • When zooming in, the zoom jumped from high level to very low too fast.
  • Sometimes applying gradients from the Design System Library would make Rectangles transparent.
  • Elements changed their position when pressing and releasing Alt during resize.
  • Elements did not align to the pixel grid after being copied or duplicated.
  • Drawing paths inside combined shapes was not possible.


  • Snapping to guides did not work for elements that were outside the canvas.
  • Elements did not align to the pixel grid when aligned to center.
  • Smart guides moved 1px when duplicating elements on zoom.


  • Disappearing bottom bar when switching to documentation mode.
  • You couldn’t drag elements on the canvas after drawing a path and adding an image without closing the editing mode.
  • Pinning the Sitemap to the right deselected pages.
  • Blinking Sitemap on resize.
  • We fixed issues that caused the app to crash.

What’s Next

See what’s coming up in the next release:

New Color Picker

We are still working on rewriting our Color Picker to make it faster and more intuitive.

Pages Overview

We’ve been working hard on a major update to our interface – the Pages Overview – thanks to which you will be able to access and view all your pages in one place. 

Spell check

Soon enough we will give UXPin a spell-checking superpower for everything you type on your design.

OS default fonts in the browser

You will soon have access to all your default OS fonts in the browser.

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