What is React and why use it for your app?

What is React and why use it for your app

Designing an app is complicated at the best of times, so anything that will make it simpler is always welcome. That’s where React comes in. What is React? It is a library of JavaScript code and components designed to make the creation of user interfaces easier. As an open-source framework, it has been used to create some of the biggest apps on the market today, including Paypal, Netflix, and more.

This framework is popular for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is that it offers declarative views. You can create an interactive app that will be neatly updated instantly when new information comes in. As soon as the data reaches your app, it will update. You can see this in comments on Facebook, where you can see new ones come up without the need to refresh your screen.Originally developed by Facebook, React is now run by both Facebook and Instagram developers. They are joined by a number of outside developers, as well. The end result is a very versatile, useful framework that more and more app developers are interested in using.

Why JavaScript is best

While we know React is written in JavaScript, why should that matter so much? It matters because JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages in the world. In fact, 9.7 million developers use it for their programming needs, making it the best choice for a wide-spread building platform.

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With this programming language mixed with HTML, it’s possible to get React to do just about anything you need it to. The learning curve is fairly low for anyone already familiar with JavaScript, too. The ability to jump into React and start programming apps immediately means you get started faster than ever.

Individual components can be edited alone

Most programming works so that if you change one thing, the whole program needs to be adapted. This can cause a lot of issues if you are trying to change one area of the app and end up with a big mess to sort out. However, with React, you don’t get that. It’s a downward flow programming method, so anything that is changed will not affect what is upstream from it.

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The components can also be changed and edited without affecting the rest of the components. This speeds things up drastically. You no longer have to adjust all the codes in order to suit one change. When it comes to fixing glitches and doing regular maintenance on the app, the entire process is faster, since the components are separate.

JavaScript libraries are available from multiple sources

Since React is open-source, there are a lot of developers working on making it better. You’ll find JavaScript libraries available with code you can use for a wide variety of functions. These libraries are full of pre-written codes for a variety of functions and you can simply grab them for use. There’s no reason to code the most basic functions when you can use an existing code. It speeds up the entire process and makes it less frustrating.

Everyone needs similar codes at some point, so don’t reinvent the wheel, just make a point of working smarter, not harder. Using code that manages basic ideas is just a better way to do it.

The virtual DOM helps load info fast

Normally, your app or website updates the DOM or document object model, using HTML. This was the only way to do things for a long time and while it is functional, the method takes longer and longer when you have more people using the site. The more users on the site, the more complicated it is to refresh the page. Previously, this was the only way to update things like comments and any other data that needs to be refreshed instantly.

The virtual DOM just copies the actual DOM and then lets you instantly update using ReactJS. Instead of reloading the whole page, it only loads the info that is changing. This means the entire page or app will run much faster. As a small feature, it may not make a huge difference to one or two people. However, if large amounts of people are using the same page, then the difference is incredible.

React has drastically sped up the entire process of not only creating an app or site but also the everyday function of said app. Not only can developers speed through the creation of a prototype app, but they are also able to get a full app up and running in half the time. This is thanks to the ability to reuse code. Once the app or site is in public use, the user interface creates a better user experience, as well, due to the virtual DOM.Now you know the answer to what is React? Are you ready to start your own app? At UXPin, we offer a better way to build prototypes and apps. If you’re ready to start creating your own app faster than ever, get started for free today!

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