4 Testimonial Page Examples for UX/UI Design

4 Testimonial Page Examples

These testimonial page examples will show you how to offer social proof of a product’s benefits.

In other words, when you design a page that shows visitors the wonderful ways the product or service helped other customers, they’re more likely to believe that it can help them too.

“Above the fold” is the part of the testimonial page the visitor sees without having to scroll down. Many UX designers choose to have only one featured testimonial above the fold. 

The three most common testimonial types are:

  • Customer quotes
  • Videos
  • Case studies

Your customer quotes are more credible if you include the customer’s name and where they live. Both first and last names offer the most credibility. But many customers might have privacy concerns. You should have at least a first name and a location. If the customer lives in a small town or rural area, you can name the nearest metro area to protect their privacy. Privacy isn’t as great a concern in business-to-business (B2B) testimonials. Business owners and corporate execs are already visible on public records. To strengthen the credibility of a B2B testimonial, include both first and last name, their job title, and company name. Add the customer’s face to the testimonial. Place a photo or drawing next to customer quotes. Have the customer tell their story in a video. 

Be specific. It’s not enough to have someone saying something generic like, “I really like this product.” A testimonial has a lot more credibility when it tells how the product is life-changing. “I used to dread preparing the sales tax deposits, but now I get them done in half the time,” is much better.

Testimonial Page Examples: Bizzabo

Above the Fold

The testimonial page for the leading corporate event planning company features outer-space-themed graphics. Lots of white space surrounds the headline: “You are the center of our universe.” The layout helps draw your attention to three featured customer quotes.

Below the quotes is a paragraph promising Bizzabo’s commitment to its customers.

Below the Fold

Scroll down and you’ll see Bizzabo’s Captera rating of 5/5. A call to action (CTA) button encourages you to read more about their customer-centric approach.

Keep Scrolling

Next, there’s a grid of case study links. This section features case studies from Sapphire Ventures, DataRobot, ServiceTitan, and more.

Further down, you’ll find a short video testimonial from CoinDesk. Above the embedded video, the heading quotes the operations manager.

The last section is a CTA to enter your work email and request a demo.

Testimonial Page Examples: Quickbooks

Above the Fold

This leading accounting software from Intuit has a featured quote on its testimonials page. It includes a photo of the owner of Ecoscapes, Suraj Nayak.

Underneath there’s a CTA button to start a free trial.

Below the Fold

Next, you’ll see a preview image for a customer video. Click on the preview and a YouTube video plays.

A horizontal scroll bar below lets you see two more videos.

Keep Scrolling

Below that there’s a section with more customer photos and their quotes. All of the personalities shown have titles such as “Founder,” “Business Owner,” and “Co-Founder.” This reveals Quickbooks’ target market of small businesses.

The last element before the footer is a CTA for those who keep books on Excel or Google Sheets to switch to QuickBooks with a free trial.

Testimonial Page Examples: Casper

Above the Fold

When you land on the testimonial page for this manufacturer of mattresses and pillows, the heading reads, “See why customers love Casper.”

A paragraph states Casper’s commitment to “outrageous quality.”

Beneath the paragraph, there are some featured products. Then there’s the heading for the reviews, but to read them you have to go…

Below the Fold

The page has customer reviews that cite only the first name and location of the reviewer. They are in boxes that you can scroll through horizontally. 

Most of the reviews have a note at the bottom of the box that reveals that the customer was entered into sweepstakes for writing a review.

Keep Scrolling

Next, Casper touts its accomplishments of being named among Time magazine’s best inventions of 2015, its Google Reviews average rating of 4 ¾ stars, and a quote from Architectural Digest, “The perfect mattress according to science.”

Down further you’ll find quotes from articles on Casper from Fast Company and Good Housekeeping with links to the articles.

Testimonial Page Examples: UXPin

As a full-stack UX/UI design software provider, it’s fitting that we include our testimonial page among the examples.

Above the Fold

Here we feature T. Rowe Price, an investment company that streamlined its UX design process with UXPin Studio.

The headline is simple: “T. Rowe Price Adopts and Scales Agile UX in the Enterprise.”

Below the headline, we have a call to action (CTA) button linked to the case study page.

Below the Fold

Scroll down and you’ll see the grid of other satisfied customers and links to their case studies.

  • PayPal
  • HBO
  • BlazeMeter
  • Sumologic
  • LiquidPlanner
  • LookThink
  • Sapient

Keep Scrolling

In the last section, we have quotes from satisfied UXPin users.

  • Larry Sawyer, PayPal
  • Andrew Roberts, Citrix
  • Markus Knight, Adidas AG
  • Tracy Dendy, HBO


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