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UXPin Changelog July 2017 #4


Since our Design Systems launch, we have been working on a few major and many minor product improvements. Below you can see what our team achieved over the last six weeks.

Design Systems

  • Additional ways of presenting colors and assets in Design Systems
  • All assets can now be downloaded at once
  • Design System documentation is presented on separate pages instead of one. You can check how it works here
  • Additional styling options in Design Systems documentation
  • (Performance) Optimizing thumbnail size for Sketch imports
  • (Performance) Loading time improvements for Design Systems with many assets

Design Libraries

  • Ability to move items between categories in Design System Libraries with Drag&Drop
  • Ability to show and hide Design System Libraries using shortcuts (cmd+L for Mac and ctrl+L for Windows)
  • Design System Libraries panel in Sketch remembers its last position and size, even on different resolutions
  • New Libraries are visible by default
  • Color picker shows colors from the last opened Design System Library


  • Ability to apply/clear single overrides for symbols. Now, when you have multiple overrides in a symbol, you can select overridden element inside the symbol and choose the desired action
  • Cloning symbols (basically it’s duplicating and detaching at the same time)
  • Detach button is inactive when the symbol was already detached
  • Improved way of resizing nested groups and symbols
  • Enhanced flow for deleting symbols: local properties of a symbol are cleared after deleting the last instance of the symbol from the canvas. Once you drag the symbol from the Design System Libraries again, it’ll have its original form.


  • Page scrolling is now running at 60fps (unfortunately, due to browsers technical limitations, at the moment it’s not available for pages containing sticky position elements, with zoom set at 100%)
  • Removed memory leaks when changing pages

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by Daniel

Daniel Aduszkiewicz is VP Projects at UXPin, a product design platform. Since joining UXPin in 2013, he has helped build and lead project, customer support and product marketing teams in the Poland and Silicon Valley office. Previously, he worked on projects for major media corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. He holds an M.A. in Psychology (Business and Management) and B.A. in Philosophy. Follow him on Twitter.

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